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Feel stressed, tired, achy or overwhelmed? Fed up with trying to find relief? The mission at Ignite Wellness is to develop customized solutions for busy individuals coping with nagging aches and soreness, who want to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

The unique approach at Ignite Wellness combines physical therapy & yoga to give you your active life back by boosting energy, relieving stiffness, while reducing stress.

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Ignite Wellness

Combining Physical Therapy, Yoga, Massage & Essential Oils for complete healing

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted every option to reduce your pain? Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything without the results you desire? Well, good news! I’ve worked with many people just like you. It’s my passion to help active and health focused professionals feel and move better, even when they’ve been told it might not be possible.

Located in Encinitas. Serving North County San Diego, or anywhere the internet reaches…

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