Why am I not getting better?

We are human, it’s normal to have off days and feel frustrated and defeated. First things first, just accept this and when those days come actually feel the disappointment notice what you might try to do to run and avoid the discomfort. Is it food? Binge on tv? Binge on alcohol? Make your self so incredibly busy you don’t feel anything? I will certainly admit to using these escapes. However, these days I try to catch myself first and use other nurturing methods to help work through the emotions for a few reasons, but mainly so:

  1. They are not stored in my body

  2. I learn the lesson I need to learn to help to grow so I don't make the same mistake again

What are these methods? Well, let me tell you a story. I had a patient who ended up in my office following years of persistent low back pain. She told me “I just don’t understand why I’m not getting better! I look and feel younger than most 50 year olds my age. I practice yoga, I run, I read all that I can on health but I am overwhelmed because I don’t know how to help myself. I don’t know what information to believe because some of it on the internet is so conflicting. One day one exercise will help my back, and then the next time it will back my back worse. I have no idea what to do. I don’t even know if YOU can help me.”

After sitting down and chatting for some time this patient came to the realization that she was a driven perfectionist, and over achiever (which she kinda knew but never admitted). But, she was doing way too much to try to “heal” her back, she kept flaring it up day after day, year after year. On top of it she was such a perfectionist the fact that she couldn’t solve her problem, she would beat herself up over it. Suffice it to say she had a lot of those off days I mentioned above. But, instead of working through it she would over eat which would make her feel worse. So then she would over exercise leading her back pain to feel worse, not to mention she felt very fatigued and sore all the time. This was a pattern that had been going on for years.

So how did we put an end to this pattern? Well first we had to find the root source of the discomfort in her back, and find her own individualized program to help fix it. Then we had to calm down the inflammation and constant irritation. Which meant slowing down (not stopping) and just modifying her exercise routine to allow healing. Also, we had to work on her emotional state, we used relaxing essential oils combined with meditation to help her to work through uncomfortable emotions and avoid overeating. Because of her diligence she immediately began to feel a difference. She would wake up in the morning less sore and with more energy and a better outlook on life. Then she started noticing she could sit longer with less back pain, and eventually she began to ramp up her workouts again with no negative consequence because she had the support to aid in recovery and replenishment.

I tell you this story to remind you we all go through bad days, you are not along. However, they should not be all the time. So if you feel stuck, reach out to me I’m happy to help!!

There will be some upcoming in person ways at Ignite to move past stuck spaces as well:

Excited to Announce New Classes at Ignite!

Tuesday Feb 26th I will have a free Ignite Wellness Class on Solutions for Low Back Pain 5:30-7 at Ignite, taught by me. Please register here to save your spot (limit 8 people): LOW BACK CLASS

Yoga Therapy For the Low Back Class Series starting in March. This class series will be offered on Saturdays and Mondays in March for 4 weeks. You much register for all 4 classes since each class will build upon the previous and class size will be limited to 3 people so you will receive individualized attention. These classes will be taught by Yoga Therapists trained by me. Register here to save your spot:

Saturdays at 10-11:15am 3/9-30th

Mondays at 12-1:15pm 3/4-25th

Hope the beginning of 2019 has been filled with abundance!



PS- Watch this interview with Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher Dava Nichol on the integration of Yoga & Physical Therapy, plus practical daily wellness tips:


This can be a word you either love or hate. Regardless, it’s one that can make a dramatic effect in your life. How? By helping you to focus.

Personally, I love to dream and integrate ideas that might not seem to fit together at first so focusing can be a challenge. Or, just last week I had a client in the clinic who really wanted to deepen their yoga practice so they could feel stronger, and less fatigued and stressed. However, this client kept getting distracted by other quick fixes, excuses or what seemed to be urgent issues.

It wasn’t until I helped the client focus on a strategy to stay intentional about their goal, that they actually started to see and feel results. How do you incorporate this into your life?

For myself, I use it as a reminder or reset switch. The trick is catching yourself, and being aware. For example, let’s say I have the vision of putting together a new workshop integrating many of the facets of health and wellness that I’m passionate about (true story). If I can catch myself when I start to doubt an idea, or make an excuse of why I shouldn't take action I tell myself “intentional” and do the action anyways.. Or, if I catch myself start to dream of another type of workshop, or get distracted by a “shiny new plan” I tell myself “intention” which brings me back to home base. You can actually experience this new workshop since it is now live at Prana 1/12. :)

physical therapy and yoga encinitas

The other part of this is knowing where you want to go, and the steps (small and large) that will help you to get there. Meditation and journaling can help with this. Then it’s staying true to your intention, while leaving some flexibility to maneuver around curve balls or other shifts that may be needed along the way.

What’s your intention for 2019? E-mail me alison@ignitewellnesssandiego@gmail.com and let me know!



PS- watch this interview with physical therapist/yoga teacher Britteny Ellers on how to be intentional in relation to the ebbs and flows of life and the natural women’s cycle.

Happy Holidays with Holiday Specials and Gift Certificates!

Wishing you and yours a very festive holiday season and Happy Healthy New Year!! It’s been an exciting year of change. I’m so grateful to have this clinic in Encinitas to give you the gift of wellness. Now you have the opportunity to share this gift with those you care about!

New Package! The Year of Wellness

Give the gift of wellness to yourself or someone you care about for a whole year. Feel better and more confident in your body, have more energy, feel less overwhelmed with an approach specifically designed to suit your health and wellness goals. The first session will be a comprehensive wellness exam to design the program to meet your goals

What’s included in your yearly package of wellness each month: 

  • 1 60 minute monthly yoga, massage or wellness coaching session

  • 1 monthly 30 minute virtual wellness check in call

  • Access to the Ignite Wellness resource and video library

  • email/text support

  • Access to the Ignite Wellness FB community

  • Customized essential oil goodie

  • Ignite Your Wellness Journal

This package is ideal if you have achieved your physical therapy goals, and you want to maintain high quality health and wellness. Or, if you have specific wellness goals you would like to work on such as having more energy, more trust in your body, relax with a massage and/or yoga, and/or need guidance in creating a yoga or workout routines, or that keep you feeling good and reduce your risk for injury. Make 2019 the year of Wellness & Abundance. Receive 20% off the year program, and additional customized wellness box to help you get started, if you invest by 12/31/18. Purchase here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=14052589&action=addCart&clear=1&id=582958

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Physical Therapy Packages

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Remember another way to receive a free massage is to refer a friend or family member! For any person who you refer who turns into a patient you will receive a free massage!

Ignite Wellness will be closed from 12/22 and reopening 1/2. Don’t wait for the New Year to book a package - start now! If you buy a new package and book an appointment this week I will give you an additional 30 minutes to your appointment this week! (that’s 30 minutes of massage or hang time on the yoga wall!)

I would love to hear your feedback. What do you want to see more of in Ignite Wellness for 2019??

Wishing you much health and abundance into 2019,


PS- enjoy this interview with Dr. Kaylee Simmerman, DPT on how to have a healing mindset.