It's that Time of Year Again

You've been here before. The craziness of the holiday season. But, does it have to be this way? Our perception of the world around us, our beliefs, and thoughts from moment to moment are based on past experiences. We cannot change the past. However, we can change our views about the past and present, which will certainly effect how we feel now and in the future. 

The holidays can seem overwhelming. Often when we feel overwhelmed stress will take over the body.  Our breathing and heart rate quicken, and the body begins to enter the sympathetic state, fight or flight. In this state we are more sensitive to pain, and react to emotional situations instead of being grounded. We are not meant to live in this state 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we do we end up not feeling our best, and are unsatisfied with life. 

This year make a commitment to take time for yourself right now to move out of the sympathetic state. Do not wait for the New Year to start.  The most important time to pause and slow down is when you believe you don't have the time or space. It is when we find that stillness that our bodies can heal, adrenals can recover and the mind lets up the relentless thought patterns. Research has shown that consistent mediating, even if it is only for a few minutes a day, can change aspects and chemistry of the brain. Meditation reduces activation of the pain centers in the brain, lessening our sensitivity to pain, and can even change the beliefs about ourselves and our bodies.

One way to ease into a meditation practice is through the physical, or Annamaya sheath. We can do this through an asana yoga practice, taking care of ourselves, eliminating excess chemicals from our homes, eating a nourishing diet, and using essential oils to enhance our wellness. By taking care of the physical we allow access to the deeper layers of our self. It is in these deeper layers where lasting change takes place. We will also operate in more of the parasympathetic state, reducing tension and allowing the body and mind to heal and replenish.

Over the next few weeks I am offering opportunities for you to nourish yourself. Please join me in one or all. There are workshops in North and South county San Diego. Hope to see you there!

In spirit of the season, Thank You! I am very grateful to work with you! Have a wonderful holiday season.

                                                          Humbly Namaste,


For those of you in North County come experience Yoga Therapy taught by a Physical Therapist at Mantra Yoga Studio in Carlsbad.

Take a break from the holiday rush with restorative yoga and essential oils.

Essential Oil Information

Allow components of nature's plants assist you with reducing your stress and tension. Young Living oils have a seed to seal guarantee making their quality like no other. Diffuse the relaxing scent of Peace and Calming, or just massage the oil into your tight muscles and notice the difference in how you sleep. Also a great holiday gift!

Yoga Pose: Legs Up the Wall

Enhance the effects of Peace and Calming, as well as stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest system. Perform this grounding pose before bed for a great night's rest. A bolster is not required, you can also fold blankets. Place the prop under your hips so your pelvis tips slightly towards the wall, placing your spine in its neutral position. Stay for just a few minutes, or 20 ;).  Enjoy!