New Year, New You?

Or, perhaps better; New Year, enhanced you? Sometimes we feels we are never enough. We are quick to judge ourselves, and often are our own biggest critic. In the past at the culmination of a year, I noticed a tendency to review the previous year judgmentally.  Then based on these judgements, I would write resolutions not to repeat them again.  All my energy was focused on things I didn't like or want.

This year try something new with me. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the direction you would like to go.




This practice can also be used for thoughts about your body. A common theme I see among patients is frustration with their own body. Harsh views of the body not performing, or lingering pain which limits function are often expressed in anger.  Research has shown that those in chronic pain often focus on the pain's continued presence. This heightens the sensitivity to pain, and increases the frequency. However, those who focused on positive aspects of their body, were able to do more and had less pain. Instead of focusing on your pain, instead focus on activities and hobbies you enjoy. And, then do them! Even if you can't participate fully, or the way you imagined, just do what you can. By taking the first step you are on the way. The brain and body will follow.


Please join me for a calming start to your New Year in a donation based workshop. Learn more about essential oils, then experience the benefits in a Therapeutic Yoga class incorporating the oils.


Essential Oils

Keep you and your loved ones healthy this winter with these Immunity Boosters. Keep in your purse or bag to apply after a run in with someone sick, or just use consistently to keep yourself vibrant.

Yoga Pose

Frequently tension finds a home in the neck. Especially this colder time of year we tense our muscles bringing the top of the shoulders by the ears to stay warm. Or, we have the tendency to carry the "weight of the world" on our shoulders with our to do lists. Release tension with this Trapezius stretch. Gently, breath into the top of the shoulder all the way up into the base of the skull. In time this area will open, and the lists will get completed. Never force.