Self Care

Self Care. Maybe, those two words bring up a sense of dread or avoidance. Have you ever asked yourself why that might be? Is it the type of self care? Is it the lack of time? Or, maybe it's because you don't value it's importance.

However self care, whether that includes going to a Yoga Class, Physical Therapy session, or grocery store for proper nutrition, should be valued. Once I had a patient comment, "well I just do not have the finances or resources to take care of myself." At the time she was just making it through her days. As a first time mom with a new baby, I can certainly relate. The truth of our health will catch up with us at some point though, if we do not create space for it now. As a Doctoral Physical Therapy Student I had a rotation in the hospital where people were recovering for all sorts of health issues. Emergent life threatening illness, or Orthopedic surgeries like total joint replacements for example, and none of them were happy. In what was suppose to be the prime of their life, these patients were in a situation now with less control. The huge medical bills would effect their finances,  and they would have no time, due to being admitted into the hospital or many future Doctor appointments. I learned a lessen during that rotation. You never have complete control over your future. However, if you don't invest time and money into your health now, chances of having to in the future only increase. Why not spend money and time on something you enjoy like a Massage, a Yoga Class, 1:1 Yoga/PT Therapy session, or the pleasing scent of Essential Oils rather than a high co-payment for a Doctor's visit you would rather not even go to. The choice can be yours.

Below are a few ways to take care of yourself this Spring before the business of Summer hits.

One on One Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy or Massage Sessions

Visit me at Embody for a private PT/Yoga session, or a Massage. I'm now located in North Park and Carlsbad.

Workshops and Classes

This Saturday at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla!

Three Saturdays in the Month of April, come to one or all at Yoga Del Mar!

Yoga Classes

Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

Tuesday Evenings 7:30- 8:30 PM

Wednesdays 10-11:15 AM

Yoga Therapeutics at Mantra Yoga Studio in Carlsbad

Fridays 12-1 PM

Essential Oils Class

Join us for a free online class where you can learn more about the benefits of essential oils, and how they can fit into your daily life. This class will be on FB, and can be taken at any time from Wed. March 30th -Sunday April 3rd at 6PM. There will be a drawing for a free Essential Oil kit including a diffuser and 11 oils ($160 value). To register just e-mail me at