What does aging mean to you? Does it bring up fear, regret of time slipped away? Yearning for the body to move how it used to?

Each of us has a different perception of aging, depending on how we were brought up, our experiences in life and our belief system. Personally, I use Yoga, and Essential Oils to bring hope to the word aging. I believe movement, meditation and self care will keep my body moving with ease, and my mind agile as I age. Some of you have heard this before, but I have a dream of doing handstands with my grandchildren. Why not??

We actually have two ages, a biological age and a physiological age. Our biological age is what we were born with, and the age we celebrate on our Birthdays. The physiological age is determined by our cells, and can be detected through lab values from a blood draw. The physiological age can be sped up, or even slowed down and reversed.

For example, take two biologic 72 year olds.  One eats red meat, fatty foods and leads a sedentary lifestyle and therefore is obese. This person develops high blood pressure, diabetes and muscle wasting, as well as a variety of other mental and physical issues. This person is uncomfortable, depressed and may even look to be in their 80s (their physiological age). The other 72 year old,  eats a plant based diet, practices Yoga, walks everyday, spends time with their family, challenges their mind with crosswords, diffuses and uses essential oils in their daily regime. Their blood pressure is low, heart rate slow and at ease, and their skin bounces back due to efficient hydration, just to name a few positive health values. This individual has no diabetes, obesity, neuropathy or any other issues, and looks to be 55 years old. Now who would you want to be? Yes some is genetics, but research is showing more and more it is environment that predicts how we age. It is how we choose to live. What is your choice??

I have some great private sessions, weekly classes and workshops coming up to help reduce your Physiological age and increase your wisdom while learning about your body through Yoga, PT, Massage and Essential Oils.


One on One Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy or Massage Sessions

Visit me at in Leucadia for a private PT/Yoga/Massage/Essential Oil session. Just e-mail me:

Classes and Workshops

Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

Tuesday Evenings 7:30- 8:30 PM

Wednesdays 10-11:15 AM

Yoga Therapeutics at Mantra Yoga Studio in Carlsbad

Yoga Therapeutics - The healing power of Yoga
In this class we will explore proper and precise alignment with a strong emphasis on spine and joint health. Alison will help guide you towards deepening your current practice and will help improve your
posture and heal your aches and pains. Whether you are a new student wanting to learn more about how to practice yoga correctly or an experienced practitioner who wants to use yoga a means towards
complete health and healing, this class is for you.

Fridays 12-1 PM


Two more Saturdays!

To register click this link:

Space is limited so register quickly!

Essential Oils

Oil of the Month- Frankincense

My favorite !!! – FRANKINCENSE – or “Frank” as I affectionately like to call it. Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) has a sweet, warm, balsamic aroma that is stimulating and elevating to the mind. Useful for meditation, improving one's spiritual connection, and centering, it has comforting properties that help focus the mind and overcome stress and despair.

Frankincense is one of the oldest essential oils and is considered the holy anointing oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. More recently, it has been used in European and American hospitals and is the subject of substantial research.

Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin. The ancient Egyptians used it in rejuvenation face masks. Reverse the effects of aging with this beautiful oil.

Concentration: Rub 1-2 drops on the back of neck to help improve concentration.
Mood: Diffuse 3-4 drops to uplift mood and help combat occasional sadness.
Skin: To improve aging skin and even out skin tone. Apply a few drops on cuts and scars to help heal and reduce appearance.
Every Day Stress: Apply to the temples and wrists.
Headache: Put one drop on thumb and press on palate of mouth.
Brittle Nails: Apply several times per week to nails and base of nails.
Blisters: Dilute 1:1 and apply to blistered area 3-5 times daily.
Sleep: Diffuse at night with lavender for a restful night’s sleep.
Prayer & Meditation: Diffuse for a deeper spiritual connection.
Facial Serum: Add a drop to your favorite petrochemical-free moisturizer to help promote healthier looking skin.

 Essential Oil Special!

Just for a few more days, until the end of April,  the Premium Starter Kit will be $25 off! The kit includes Frank and 10 other oils as well as free diffuser. Really an amazing deal that will change you and your family's health. E-mail me if interested:


Pose of the Month- Ardho Uttansansa

Uttanasana or Forward Fold is a wonderful way to open and release the back of the hips, hamstrings and spine, reversing the effects of gravity and sitting. However, sometimes the full pose is too aggressive for the discs of the lumbar spine if the hamstrings do not have the appropriate length.  Ardho Uttansansana is perfect for all levels,  helping to open and release without forcing and keeping the spine in its neutral curve position. Try applying Panaway to the Low Back before practicing to enhance it's physical effects of releasing.