Summer Living

Here in San Diego, we often experience "Endless Summers". However, following Memorial Day Weekend even here the temperatures rise, and cloud coverage decreases. We talked last month about reversing aging. We can continue the theme here with tips for preventative awareness to keep yourself healthy and thriving, with warmer temperatures and during summer travels.

Hydration. You've heard it before, but I will remind you. Drink water.

Traveling, hot yoga classes in the hot summer, beach time, BBQs. All of these activities are, they are also dehydrating, no matter how fun. Keep your system working efficiently by keeping a water bottle on hand.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Proper hydration will prevent tightening of the skin and will also reduce restrictions of the fascia, thereby relieving pain and enhancing healing. These are just to name a couple of reasons to replenish yourself.

Speaking of healing, summer is the time when routines get off schedule. It's also the time to be gentle and forgiving with yourself when this happens. That includes your PT/Yoga home exercises. Now I do not mean giving them up, but having a slight change in frequency is ok. You will know it is too much of a change if discomfort returns.

Spend the extra time with your kids without guilt, take a road trip without looking back. Let go and enjoy the moment. Enjoying these and other present moments will help to reduce physical tension in the muscles, and also keep the mind happy.

Enjoy the beginning to your summer.



One on One Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy or Massage Sessions

Reduce pain and discomfort, visit me at in Leucadia for a private one on one session. Just e-mail me:

Referral Program

New referral program. For the first patient you refer to me that schedules, receive a free 5ml Lemon Essential Oil. For every 3 patients that schedule, add 30 minutes to your session for free!

Classes and Workshops

Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

Tuesday Evenings 7:30- 8:30 PM

Wednesdays 10-11:15 AM

Yoga Therapeutics at Mantra Yoga Studio in Carlsbad

Yoga Therapeutics - The healing power of Yoga
In this class we will explore proper and precise alignment with a strong emphasis on spine and joint health. Alison will help guide you towards deepening your current practice and will help improve your
posture and heal your aches and pains. Whether you are a new student wanting to learn more about how to practice yoga correctly or an experienced practitioner who wants to use yoga a means towards
complete health and healing, this class is for you.

Fridays 12-1 PM



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Oil of the Month-Lavender

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has a sweet, floral aroma that is soothing and relaxing. Have you ever been fortunate enough to smell lavender growing outdoors or pick a fresh sprig? That is exactly what Young Living’s pure therapeutic grade lavender smells like.
Lavender is one of the most versatile oils out there. It’s often called the “Swiss Army knife” of essential oils. It soothes dry or irritated skin, burns, cuts and scrapes, and can even help with eczema. And, in the Allergy Trio, it acts as an antihistamine. It’s part of the mix I put in my diffuser at night and also during nap time when needed.
Skin: Put diluted on a bruise to help speed up the healing process. Add to your petrochemical-free moisturizer to calm skin.
Sleep: Add some drops to your diffuser at night for a restful sleep.
Beauty tip: I put one drop Lavender and one drop Cedarwood in my new nontoxic mascara tube - it helps inhibit bacteria growth and condition the lashes, so they grow “thicker and longer.”

Free Oil 101 Class on FB Wed. evening 5/25 at 8PM. The class and info will be available online until 6/5 if you are unable to attend Wed. To register, just click this link:

Yoga Pose

Whether you travel or not this summer find a quiet spot and practice gratitude. Appreciate the view, and thank yourself for all that you do.