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 you might have caught a post where I wrote about the common theme I have been witnessing in my friends, students and myself - business. We all run around from one thing to the next. And, then whirl into a Yoga class a minute before class starts looking to relax, or go to our habitual escape route which may not be self serving. How do we break this cycle? First by taking a look at ourselves. Do we jam pack our schedule to avoid being alone and quiet with ourselves? Or, by being busy is it our way of showing others how important we are? Hard questions to ask, but can reveal a self sabotaging habit. Operating 24/7 in the mode of "fight or flight" wears down our bodies and minds. One day it catches up with us and we crash. The biggest and sometimes hardest change to make is adding Restorative Poses to your life, even if you don't consider yourself a Yogi.

 Image from Yoga Del Mar at Roger Cole Workshop

Image from Yoga Del Mar at Roger Cole Workshop


At a training a couple of weeks ago, Roger Cole Ph.D, reminded me the importance of these poses. They teach the mind what true relaxation and replenishment feel like. Plus, they give ourselves a chance to restore, rest and heal. Then we can begin to strengthen our Vagal Tone response and operate from the parasympathetic nervous system more frequently. Imagine what the world would be like if more people lived in this state of BEING....

If you would like to learn more restorative poses, or just heal, schedule a one on one session with me.

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 Weekly Classes

Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

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Hot Yoga at Yoga Six in Carlsbad

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Yoga Therapeutics at Mantra Yoga Studio in Carlsbad

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Save the date! Saturday 11/5 at 9AM I will be teaching Yoga and Essential Oils for the Breathe Festival in Cardiff.

Essential Oils

Have you ever thought about incorporating Essential Oils into your daily life or profession? I will tell you from experience it is life changing. Learn more about EOs and how you can actually earn an income at the same time with a Essential Oils 101 class on FB, August 17th at 8PM. We will be giving away a free Premium Starter Kit! To be invited to the class just respond to this e-mail. The class will be available for a week if you are unable to make the live event.

Yoga Pose

 Supported Shoulder Stand

Supported Shoulder Stand

This pose is a great way to begin using props if you don't have bolsters and tons of blankets at home. Start with the block on it's lowest height and change to the tallest if there is no tension or gripping in the low back. Allow gravity to do the rest.