Back to School

It's the time of year where the kids are back to school, and schedules resume somewhat back to normal. As adults sometimes we settle into our routines, and loose that childlike sense of curiosity and willingness to learn.

However, it's the child like wonder and open mindedness to experience something new that allows us to evolve. This is important especially if we have pain of discomfort. You know that saying, "If you keep doing what you've always done, then you will get the same result you've always gotten". 

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To move from pain and discomfort, to feeling comfortable and thriving in your body you need to grow. We often don't think of the mind being involved with physical discomfort, but truthfully you can't separate the two. The biggest challenge can also be learning how to accept and have gratitude for exactly where you are right now. When you experience gratitude for all that you have, even if it's not perfect, that's when you will also experience more happiness and joy in the day to day.

This Fall there are lots of opportunities to expand and deepen this knowledge, as well as learn more about your body.

New! There is now an Ignite Wellness Community on FB group! This is a closed group only available to those who have an Ignite Subscription. This group contains weekly motivating videos, videos to learn new techniques, research, and other information to help you to grow and keep you inspired so you actually implement new habits! Join here:

If you have been waiting to come in for a session, now is the time! Prices are rising 10/15/17. As long as you buy a package (5, 10, or 20!) prior to this date you can lock in at the old rate.  To purchase a package or schedule a session head here:

See you in session or on the mat!



One:One sessions

A session at Ignite is very different then the traditional PT setting. Each session is customized to your needs, whether it's an evaluation unraveling the root cause of your discomfort, bodywork, Yoga, visceral manual therapy, traditional physical therapy or essential oils. In your session you will finally figure out the source of your discomfort, and a plan to heal. You will never be handed off to an aid or assistant, or left alone while I check on another patient. To schedule an appointment just reply here, call (858) 248 2272, or schedule online:

Class and Workshop Schedule

           Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

Tuesday Evenings 7:30- 8:30 PM

Wednesdays 10:15-11:15 AM

             Hot Yoga at Yoga Six in Carlsbad

Friday Mornings 9-10AM

Workshop this Saturday!!! Register now!

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300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Starting Soon! If you are interested in deepening your knowledge on Yoga, especially Therapeutics, register for this training now! I will be teaching several weekends, as well as mentoring.

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Premium Starter Kit Giveaway Class!!

Most of you have heard my story about how using essential oils, working with Young Living and growing a team of amazing entrepreneurs has changed my life. But, don't take my word- come learn more about the oils for yourself!

My team and I are giving back. In an free online essential oil class we are giving away a premium starter kit (pictured)!! If you are jumping up and down right now just email me for an invite! To learn more read on.

A YL Premium Starter Kit is 11 Essential Oils (real deal high quality), a diffuser, plus supplies and info on how to use your oils easily, safely and effectively. I purchased my kit almost two years ago and have swapped out toxic cleaners, over the counter and beauty products to keep my family and myself healthy. Even engineer Sean has been slowly and reluctantly switch over shave creams and his products- because they work and he feels better.

So this is not the time to be shy! Email for an invite to the event and a chance to win. The only catch is you can't already be a member. Sorry my Oily friends!!
Good Luck!!

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The Yoga Wall Method Training

Early bird pricing ends next week! Register here:

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Yoga and Pilates fusion with two Doctor of Physical Therapy Teachers! Register here:

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