The Show Goes On

It's been awhile -  life happens. Some of you know I was diagnosed with rectal cancer right after Thanksgiving last year. But, you know what! The show goes on. After a crazy December of back to back procedures, MD visists, naturopath visits that all resulted in a surgery. The cancer is completely gone.  Now I'm back armed with new experiences, knowledge and lessons learned. Actually, I'm still learning lessons. It's been quite a journey.

 Slowly returning back to my Yoga pracitce...

Slowly returning back to my Yoga pracitce...

Truth be told we are all going through our struggles at one time or another, one way or another. The physical representation maybe different, but some of the emotions we feel inside maybe quite similar. It's learning how to process and accept what we can not control, and take responsibility and action for what we can. This helps to avoid getting caught in an negative emotion cyclone. Anyways, I can go on and on... Rather, let's focus on specifically what you need, and how I can help. Here are some offerings of varying price points, time commitments and styles. Check it out find one or some that resonate, then take action!



Going through a surgery again reminded me how discombobulating the whole system and process is, and I'm a physical therapist and feel this way!! So I created a Surgical Care package for you or a loved one going through surgery (any surgery not just orthopedic). I'll help prepare for surgery, you will know what to do the day of surgery and will be guided immediately following surgery as well. For more details hop over here: Surgical Care

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I'm still running 1:1 sessions of many varieties. Hop over here to determine what fits you best:  Services. Schedule sooner rather than later since it is filling up quickly.

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You guys know essential oils are a big deal to me. I was reminded of this following my surgery when I did not use any pain meds- just oils! It's like my secret arsenal of no toxic goodies that help my family and I with immunity, supporting our bodies and our minds. Our team is running an oil special this month! $25 Cash back following the purchase of the Premium Starter Kit. This is only good for this month, and only happens once a year (if that).  $25 will be applied as store credit following the purchase of the kit.


Classes and Workshops

                     Healthy Back using the Great Yoga Wall at Prana Yoga Studio in La Jolla

Tuesday Evenings 7:30- 8:30 PM

Wednesdays 10:15-11:15 AM

                                                     Hot Yoga at Yoga Six in Carlsbad

Friday Mornings 9-10AM

  Yoga Therapy Clinic Series

at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas

First 4 Tuesdays of the month 4-5:15PM

Feb Class Theme: Release Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders Only 2 more classes with this theme!!

 Hanging Child's Pose on the Yoga Wall at Tropics West

Hanging Child's Pose on the Yoga Wall at Tropics West

                                                 Pop up Yoga Wall Classes in North County

I'm filling in on the Yoga Wall at Yoga Tropics West these dates only!! Come hang out 6:15-7:45PM for this donation based class (Suggested donation per class is $20)

Monday: 3/5, 3/19, 3/26        Wed: 3/21

                                                                            Save the Date

Workshop at Soul of Yoga Saturday April 21st 2-4PM             Topic: Happy Hips

Excited to Partner Up and Offer these Trainings!

Early Bird registration is open now for both! Don't miss out!

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Yoga Therapy certification