What's the Big Deal about Stress?


Spans generations, cultures, countries, financial background, races, genders. No matter where you go, who you talk to each person at some point will experience stress in their lives. So if everyone experiences stress, why is it such a big deal??

The problem is not stress it self. Some stress is good, it pushes us, helps us to grow and evolve. The problem is when it's always there, chattering in the background. Then due to the constant stress noise we make decisions out of fear and anxiety not necessarily leading us down our desired paths.


Physically there is a physiological cascade that happens because of stress. Heart rates increase, breath rates decrease and less from the belly, cortisol increases, hormones change and inflammation increases. As a wellness practitioner, yoga teacher and physical therapist this is where I usually step in.  Whether you have an autoimmune disease, back pain, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromalgia living in stress 24/7 will make them ALL worse.

I began to really learn this personally last year going through my own healing, and now as prevention. It's huge, and learning to manage and work with stress can be the key to EVERYTHING. Notice I did not say get rid of- this is unrealistic.

Your health is very important to me. This is my purpose, other than caring for my family, it's why I wake up each day excited. To learn more about yourself and how to better reduce stress and ignite your wellness I have a few opportunities coming up. Note- these are the only scheduled workshops for the remainder of the year! Don't miss out. Of course I'm available for 1:1 sessions as well! June seems to be booking very quickly, so act sooner rather than later so you can get a spot.

See you on the mat!



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