Thank you!

It's official Ignite Wellness is into it's third year! Some of you have been reading these newsletters this whole time, thank you for your support! Also, thank you to those of you who completed my survey/questionnaire. Your answers were truly helpful, because now I have a finished product to give back to you guys as a big thanks!

If you are looking to reduce pain and stress, improve time freedom and overcome limiting beliefs check out my new mini course- 10 Days to Wellness. You will learn tips and techniques to solve these issues. To join just click this link:

Enjoy! For those of you who are local save the dates 7/28, 8/25, 9/29, 10/7 (mini half day retreat), and 11/10  for a workshops at Soul of Yoga, Prana and Yoga Del Mar! Details to come on all, and the topics will all be different. Put the dates in the calendar because these are the only workshops for the remainder of the year! For now Happy May to all of you.



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