Big Announcements! Yes plural!

The Ignite Your Wellness Journal is almost available for ordering. This journal will help you to reduce your pain and live a life with purpose in 90 days. This journal has been in the works for quite some time. In fact for each of you who have received a hand written home program during a session, I've always thought- I wish I had a journal to help them keep track of everything.... Now it's here- helping you to stay on track and move from place of discomfort to thriving, while bringing awareness into all the areas of your life. To receive notification of when the journal can be purchased for order just click below. Those of you who purchase on the release date will receive an extra goodie!!

Ignite is also growing and moving to an office in Encinitas, still right off the freeway!  Plans should be finalized over next week or so, and estimate start date in the new space is 8/2/18. The Great Yoga Wall panels are currently being constructed (thank you Dominque Laroche)!! I'm super excited.
Thank you so much for all of you who have been visiting my house for the last two years. So many great memories. My favorites are of Kaylee running to greet or say goodbye, as well as hug and kiss each patient.

I am looking forward to this new space, since I will be able to hold Semi-Private group and wellness classes! You asked- the time has come. Now you can come more consistently at an affordable rate. I will also be holding more workshops and continuing education intensives for Yoga Teachers and Physical Therapists. Stay tuned for class schedule.

When you schedule I will confirm your location. Can't wait to share the space with you!