What you need to know from your body to feel better, and have more energy and confidence.

Your body sends you messages everyday; "Feed me", "I'm tired", "get those donuts in my belly"...  Sometimes the amount of messages get overwhelming and unconsciously you turn off your body's notification system. This is normal, as humans we can only process a certain amount of information at one time. However, if you ignore the messages the body will up the anti so to speak and the voice will become louder, AKA, pain will become more intense. So, if you want to stay healthy, feel good in your body or reduce pain you have to reestablish that connection with your body and refine the message system so you don't get overwhelmed, and then ignore. 

 Slowing down to listen

Slowing down to listen

Where do you start? By slowing down. Life happens, each of us only have 24 hours in a day so the tendency is to rush around. By rushing, the brain's focus is in the future, not now. Or, when we are rushing the no notification sign is placed up, and we tell the body "I will deal with this later".  It seems counterinuitive but, by slowing down we create more time. If you honor what the body needs in a give moment (rest, certain type of food, a stretch etc) then you prevent injury which will take up a whole bunch of time to heal. 

What if you are already in pain? Well, then this process is even more important. By listening to your intuition and the quiet messages your body sends you, in conjunction with working with a specialist you will know exactly what to do when to heal your body. 

How do you turn up the voice? Well listen to this interview with Kate Marlot to learn more: 

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