How to Reduce Pain While Staying Busy or Hustling

Stress can literally be a pain in the neck. However, it can also help us to evolve and grow. It's when you are stuck in the stress response 24/7 it's effect can take a toll on the mind and body. Personally, I have been intrigued with this topic since stress reduction is also important for cancer prevention. Since more and more people are being diagnosed with genetic mutations putting them at higher risk for diseases like cancer (like myself), or heart disease etc, I believe the more we learn about how to manage stress, the healthier we can stay. There is no guarantee,  but I like to take the chance to lower my risk! Plus, not only do I stay healthier physically, but mentally I'm more replenished, my adrenals will not burn out, and I'm way more creative in my business and present and enjoying the time playing with my daughter. Which really, these are the moments that compile our life story.

 cherishing moments like this....

cherishing moments like this....

Two books I have been reading that have positively impacting my day to day on this topic have been The Pocket Guide to The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen W. Porges and Mind to Matter by Dawson Church (both available on amazon). Both books reinforce the importance of reducing chronic stress because of the negative effects it has on the body and mind, as well as the importance of slowing down and meditating and the benefits of carving out this space in your life. I'm also learning that "slowing down" also has different meanings and different layers. 

For example, there is a time to physically slow down and rest, or take mostly restorative yoga classes like when you are recovering from an injury or surgery. This is usually obvious, just hard to follow through on.  However when you are healthy, in hustle mode, or a busy parent for example, physically slowing down may not be appropriate or even an option. Judith Hansen Laseter (physical therapist and yoga teacher) explained this perfectly when I was in a training with her a few years ago. She said "If we are late to our connecting airplane we can hurry and rush with stress and tension, or we can just walk or run quickly, possibly even playfully, with a smile on our face and less taxation on our adrenals." 

 carve out the space to slow down...

carve out the space to slow down...

So in our packed schedules can we find that playfulness, or smile in a time of challenge. For me, it's about little check in pauses throughout the day to ask my body/mind what it needs, especially before a big decision. I use calming and grounding essential oils to help anchor my mind and breath. They are like a reset button, taking me from the stress response to being more relaxed and open. It also means starting the day slow by meditating or with a walk in the quiet morning to create a foundation of hope, trust and light. Now I'm definitely not perfect, and I'm learning as I go (and have to continually remind myself to breath on some days- those are extra oily days!) but I am seeing the positive effects of putting these in motion. If you want to hear more about how another entrepreneur is incorporating this into her life then watch this U-tube interview:

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Let's end on a calming note- right now pause and take a few deep breaths. Notice what comes up, what does your body need? What can help to cultivate and attract what you desire in your life?

Wishing you an abundant week!