What is Your Relationship With Health?

These days for better or worse a ton of information on health is accessible. Which is great. I find as a health practitioner my patients, clients and students know way more about their body's and health then ever before. However this can also lead to overwhelm, or forcing yourself to do something just because someone told you to, or you think you "should be" doing. 

For example, I thought I should eat a certain way and run to stay lean, burn calories and keep my body happy. Trying to fit my body into a box of what worked for someone else totally backfired. I gained weight, injured myself and felt horrible. Can anyone relate? 

 Slowing down and observing....

Slowing down and observing....

This is true when healing an injury or pain, as well as taking yourself and your dreams to the next level. Truthfully there is only one path- your path- and only you have the map to the trail head and know the way. The true job of any health care practitioner, yoga teacher or coach is to help you find your path and undercover your body' natural healing and needs, not provide the exact blueprint necessarily.  This is why each transformational session at Ignite is different, and each student, client and patient's journey looks different. I'm a guide to help provide tools, tips and resources I've learned from the years of education and trainings but ultimately its you who will choose what works and what doesn't to create your own individualized consistent plan of health and wellness.

What can you do right now? Start to really listen. I'll use yesterday as an example. Last week was very fulfilling and tiring all at the same time. I taught a lot of Yoga classes, workshops and sessions so I was on my feet a good deal. My original plan for Sunday was to take the dogs for a long walk, or head to an upbeat vinyasa class of some sort. However, I woke up Sunday morning feeling the inflammation and muscle fatigue in my legs. My body was telling me what I needed was replenishment and rest, not more time on my feet. It was hard to let go of the workout and sweat session, and instead attend a yin style class. My mind wanted to fight with this course of action. But, I went to yin and rested on bolsters and blankets.  Today I'm very grateful that I did because I feel restored. The inflammation has decreased, and I do not feel the muscle fatigue. In it's place I feel more creative, and inspired to start the new week.

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