Feel confident in your body again.

Feel confident in your body again.

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Do you currently live a healthy lifestyle, but often feel overwhelmed by all the healthy choices and information available? For example, whether to practice Yoga or Pilates? Which diet is best? How to rid your home from toxic products? Develop a customized program to achieve your top priorities and goal. To learn more click below:

Finally unravel the root source of blocks and patterns holding you back. Instead of making choices based upon what some program told you to do (often backfires, have you experienced?) learn how to listen to your body in a moment to moment, day to day, basis to make individualistic decisions based upon what is best for you.

Already know you would like to go deeper and truly commit to change? I'm ready for you! These programs are for individuals that are ready to empower themselves with knowledge and tools to make changes in their body, health and overall wellness. The long term commitment allows sufficient time to unravel and release blocks, and deep rooted old patterns no longer serving, to pave the way for new ways of moving, thinking and feeling. Return back to the mat at your favorite Yoga Class, have the energy to play with your kids, avoid pain medications and/or surgery, and better yet, finally embark on that vision you have been scared to start.  I will be there to guide you every step of the way. Sessions can be in person or virtually.