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511 Saxony Place
Encinitas, CA, 92024
United States

(858) 248 2272

Reach your potential with a unique blend of Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Massage and Essential Oils in Encinitas, CA with Doctor Alison McLean, DPT, ERYT, HHP, C-IAYT.

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Heal. Evolve. Thrive.

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Finally reduce your pain so you can Live the Life you Desire

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • Had to cancel a lunch date with friend due to not being able to sit because of pain

  • Feel exhausted, tired and so sore after work that you can’t really enjoy time with your family

  • Are overwhelmed with all the options or different ways to heal your pain

  • Don’t have time for appointments.

  • Just want to know what to do from someone you trust

  • Relax? Yeah right………

I understand, there has been a few times in my life I have had to recover from an injury or surgery. To read more about the surgeries just click on the link. On the path to healing I have had to spend time waiting for late practitioners who didn’t really care about me while my daughter was at home with a babysitter, read many many books, tried countless exercises and techniques to finally realize how to heal and feel better. Through all that I now have an unique method that combines all that I have learned to assist you with healing, and keep you moving and feeling better.

Reduce pain, gain trust and confidence in your body, and boost energy so you can focus on things you care about. For example, have the ability to sit at the computer to help your kid fill out college applications without being distracted by pain or discomfort. Or even better, finally relax and finish that Brene Brown book you started forever ago. 

 All sessions at Ignite are with a physical therapist who has her doctorate, and who is also a certified Yoga Teacher and therapist, as well as massage this means no techs will be pretending to watch you perform exercises you can do at home. At Ignite your time is valuable and precious so you will be my focus for the whole hour.  During your sessions you will learn more about your body, and finally understand the root source of your discomfort. Leave a session feeling and moving better, as well as gain tools and a plan to give you more independence and control, so you can do the things you enjoy, like stepping back on the mat at your favorite yoga class. 

Full disclosure: The path to healing might not be as easy or fast as you desire, but I can guarantee you will be so grateful that you made the decision to see me. I’m sure you might have some doubt if Ignite is the right fit for you. Let me help you make the right decision:

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  • Will this work for me? Yes, each session and package is customized to you with tools to help monitor progress along the way so you feel results

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