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511 Saxony Place
Encinitas, CA, 92024
United States

(858) 248 2272

Reach your potential with a unique blend of Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Massage and Essential Oils in Encinitas, CA with Doctor Alison McLean, DPT, ERYT, HHP, C-IAYT.

Pain Help Encinitas

Do you have pain, but want to stay active?

Do you want to finally learn how to practice yoga, run, play with your kids, and/or bike while staying pain free, as well as learn tools to progress your health and wellness?

 Reducing Pain in Encinitas

Reducing Pain in Encinitas

Have you ever woke up in the morning with a "tweak" in your neck, or stiffness in the low back and thought it would "just go away"? Or, sometimes after your yoga practice or run you feel soreness, but you think it will heal on it's own? Pain is messages from your body that something needs attention. Pain is not because of "old age" and something you just have to live with. There are ways to heal your body naturally using your body's innate healing system, without pain medications. Even better elevate your health and wellness to really thrive. Feel and notice improvements in your day to day and sport activities.  Not matter your age, you still have to ability to feel, move and look younger! Want to learn more? Then schedule your free in person or phone consult here:

or call (858) 248 2272 and/or download this free e-book :

10 Things You Need To Know About Pain To Keep You On The Yoga Mat.

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