Do you have pain, but want to stay active?

Do you want to finally learn how to practice yoga, run, play with your kids, and/or bike while staying pain free, as well as learn tools to progress your health and wellness?

Reducing Pain in Encinitas

Reducing Pain in Encinitas

Have you ever woke up in the morning with a "tweak" in your neck, or stiffness in the low back and thought it would "just go away"? Or, sometimes after your yoga practice or run you feel soreness, but you think it will heal on it's own? Pain is messages from your body that something needs attention. Pain is not because of "old age" and something you just have to live with. There are ways to heal your body naturally using your body's innate healing system, without pain medications. Even better elevate your health and wellness to really thrive. Feel and notice improvements in your day to day and sport activities.  Not matter your age, you still have to ability to feel, move and look younger! Want to learn more?

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What is holding you back?

Have you ever had these thoughts?

  • Will my pain go away? Is it going to effect my ability to work or take care of my kids?

  • Why am I so tired? How do I get more energy?

  • How can I practice yoga without pain?

  • What’s the best healthy lifestyle to live, so I can feel amazing? There are so many options!

  • How do I take care of myself when I just don’t have the time?

  • Will I still be able to workout or practice yoga as I get older?

  • Who should I trust to help me?

  • How can I manage my stress?

  • Am I able to feel joy and happiness?

I understand, there have been a few times in my life I have had to recover from an injury or surgery, and was not able to be the mom or as active as I desired. To read more about the surgeries just click on the link. On the path to healing I have had to spend time waiting for late practitioners who didn’t really care about me while my daughter was at home with a babysitter, read many many books, tried countless exercises and techniques to finally realize how to heal and feel better. Through all that I now have an unique method that combines all that I have learned to assist you with healing, while getting you active, healthy, and thriving.

Reduce pain, gain trust and confidence in your body, and boost energy so you can focus on things you care about. For example, have the ability to sit at the computer to help your kid fill out college applications without being distracted by pain or discomfort. Or even better, finally relax and finish that Brene Brown book you started forever ago, or go on that long hike with your husband in that town you have never been.


Full disclosure: The path to wellness might not be as easy or fast as you desire, but I can guarantee you will be so grateful that you made the decision to see me. I’m sure you might have some doubt if Ignite is the right fit for you. Let me help you make the right decision:

  • Are you nervous? Read these testimonials: Testimonials about Ignite and on Yelp

  • Are you interested? Schedule a free 30 minute consult to learn more

  • Are you skeptical? Download the free book below to learn more about pain and how to stay active

  • Will this work for me? Yes, each session and package is customized to you with tools to help monitor progress along the way so you feel results

10 Things You Need to Know About Pain to Stay on the Yoga Mat:

Utilizing the Great Yoga Wall with a patient with Scoliosis in Encinitas

Utilizing the Great Yoga Wall with a patient with Scoliosis in Encinitas