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511 Saxony Place
Encinitas, CA, 92024
United States

(858) 248 2272

Reach your potential with a unique blend of Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Massage and Essential Oils in Encinitas, CA with Doctor Alison McLean, DPT, ERYT, HHP, C-IAYT.

Body Wellness

 Feel amazing in your body again.

Feel amazing in your body again.

Finally unravel the root source of discomfort in your body. Ignite Wellness is different than traditional physical therapy settings. In each holistic session at Ignite you will spend the whole hour with a physical therapist who is also a yoga teacher empowering inner strength and confidence by utilizing the Yoga Wall, creating individualized yoga programs for home, relaxing with effective bodywork, strengthening, lengthening, learning customized wellness tools and techniques to use at home just to name a few.

Invest in a long term program where you will achieve the results you desire, or dip your toes in the water with a Starter Session.

New Client Igniter Session

This is available for first time clients at Ignite gain experience before you full commit to a program. The Igniter Session is 2 Hours and is available virtually or in person in Encinitas, CA. Your payment for this session can also be applied to a program if you are ready to dive deeper.

Inquire about new patient specials!

 Physical Therapy in Encinitas

Physical Therapy in Encinitas


Not sure what is right for you? Jump on the phone with Alison to create your individualized plan! Call (858) 248 2272 or avoid phone tag and use the schedule consult button above to ensure we both end up on the line!

 Utilizing the Great Yoga Wall with a patient with Scoliosis in Encinitas

Utilizing the Great Yoga Wall with a patient with Scoliosis in Encinitas

Get Results

Do you have pain that comes and goes, and it's hard to nail down why? Have you been told to just keep stretching, or it's just your age or yoga practice? Are you frustrated? Well there is another way. Each session at Ignite Wellness is customized to your individualized needs ensuring that you see and feel results. Whether you need to reduce pain in your body, gain confidence in how you move and think, or integrate more wellness into your lifestyle, the holistic approach at Ignite will fill your needs. Want to learn more and talk to a physical therapist on the phone?

Igniter Packages


Already know you would like to go deeper and truly commit to change? I'm ready for you! These programs are for individuals that are ready to empower themselves with knowledge and tools to make changes in their body, health and overall wellness. The long term commitment allows sufficient time to unravel and release blocks, and deep rooted old patterns no longer serving, to pave the way for new ways of moving, thinking and feeling. Return back to the mat at your favorite Yoga Class, have the energy to play with your kids, avoid pain medications and/or surgery, and better yet, finally embark on that vision you have been scared to start.  I will be there to guide you every step of the way. Purchase a 3 month package in full for a discount, or subscribe for a month to month payment plan (3 month commitment required).

This plan is perfect for the individual really needing extra support to move from a stuck place. This maybe pain within their body, or limited abundance in any area of life (financial, relationships, happiness, wellness, work, fun). The three or six month intensive will kick start a routine lifting you from a stagnant place and move you forward with less pain, and more confidence and happiness.


In the state of California patients can access physical therapy services without a doctor’s prescription for up to 45 days or 12 visits, whichever comes first.