Restorative Yoga pose to assist the body and mind with healing.

Restorative Yoga pose to assist the body and mind with healing.

Even though I desire a holistic natural path to healing, surgeries have been a reoccurring theme in my life (5 total;  few different orthopedic, cesarean, rectal cancer removal).  Each surgery I've experienced, and healed from has been different.  Always though I have been grateful for my physical therapy knowledge and connections, wondering how people get through without it. Through my own journey I've come to realize there are gaps in our healthcare systems involving the care for the surgical patient.  I've found no matter if surgeries have been the last resort or the desired option, you need support to help you recover fully and navigate all the questions that arise.

When you commit to the Surgical Care Package you will:

  • Guidance in preparing for mind/body surgery; know the right questions to ask
  • Understand how to prepare your mind/body for day of surgery for a more successful outcome
  • What to do immediately following surgery
  • Interpretation of results and details of surgery, if desired
  • Support on how to heal fully immediately following surgery
  • Individual sessions including manual therapy, yoga, breath work, meditation, essential oils to assist your body/mind in healing fully for each stage of healing
  • Support through email, texts and virtual sessions

This will be a 3-6 month intensive commitment depending on type of surgery, and will be very different than traditional physical therapy. My services can compliment the work of other health care providers, fill the in the gaps or stand alone. To determine the best fit for you please schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

To start your journey to healing schedule an appointment here: