Alison is so much more than a massage therapist. Her physical therapy training makes all the difference. After her massage I feel structurally changed. My shoulders that were off the table 3 inches now lie flat on the table. My head is level rather than my chin being tipped up. My pelvis is in alignment. She knows exactly what is needed. Massage often relaxes muscles and calms the nervous system, but Alison accomplishes this while making significant structural/alignment changes. 

                                          -Tosha E. P.T.


Alison is a gifted therapist and teacher. Over the past year I tried a range of different therapists ( Traditional PT, acupuncture , massage) to help alleviate my lower back pain. Alison's approach is the only one that has provided sustained pain relief. I appreciate her diagnostic skills, the hands on healing and providing me with a realistic home practice that works. As a yogi her approach especially resonates with me. 

                                           - Judy H

Dear Alison,
I benefited so much from your Workshop yesterday. Thank You!
The pacing and instruction provided the setting for the hours, stress and tightness to disappear.
Great "take-aways" too.
Teresa Salkin

"Alison, thank you so much for the combined yoga/essential oil workshops you've given. I learned so much and continue to use the techniques and blends you described to boost my wellbeing. Thank you for being available for support and follow up questions. Your knowledge has been invaluable!"

                                             -Karina L.

So needed to tell you that we used the diffuser the entire time I was laboring ....17.5 hours.... It was amazing!!! Every nurse who came in commented on how calm and relaxing our room was and mentioned more than once that they were going to send the fussy babies to our room since it was clear Liam responded well to the lavender:) since we have gotten home we have been running it pretty much non stop...Mike is now a believer after seeing the results during labor lol.


Alison McLean is an incredibly knowledgeable and kind practitioner. Combining her expertise in physical therapy and yoga instruction, she helped me find the right integrated movements to relieve debilitating pain in my back, and regain strength and flexibility. Though serious about results, Alison also brings a light heart to the sometimes frustrating healing process. I am grateful to have had her much needed guidance.
- M.J.”


As far as therapy goes, I was being treated by Alison McLean for a torn meniscus that had been surgically repaired. I was terrified that I might not heal 100% and Alison's insight and guidance helped me heal much quicker than I could have ever anticipated. Even my surgeon was impressed with how quickly I was back on my feet with full range of motion.

I'm now a practitioner of yoga and could not be more thankful

Tyler H

Alison and Elia make an amazing team! Thier balance of therapeutics and Yoga truly connects and inspires. The course is dynamic, the teaching is enjoyable, and the content is invaluable. It is very well structured and perfectly executed. Interacting with the other participants and receiving feedback from Alison and Elia, left me with the confidence to implement their teachings in my classes and with my clients immediately. Thank you!

-Barbara Shirts, PT, RYT

Karen Renberg talks about attending a Scoliosis workshop. I really learned a lot. I now have a solid idea how to sort out which stretches will work for me. I also now realize that I must do the correct stretches daily. I am encouraged that there is a way to improve my condition. 

I felt great after your class, especially with all the shoulder releasing poses. I've had a random burning pain on the inferior part of my left scapula and since the class, it hasn't bothered me. So I definitely want to keep practicing these poses. 

           -Christie M.

I had been getting paralyzing back pains every four months for two years right out of the blue. They would last for seven to ten days. I never expected to get my golf game back. After three months of yoga beginning three years ago the pain went away and my back got back to normal. Expert on Wall Yoga. With her use of music and oils I highly recommend her. Thank you Alison for giving me my golf game back.