Why Many Entrepreneurs Don’t Hit 100K: Common Problems and Fixes

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Hey there, wellness entrepreneur. Welcome back!

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All right wellness entrepreneur, today, we’re going to be talking about the Formula To Hit 100,000 Six Figures In One Year.

So rolling 12 months. This doesn’t have to be from January of a certain year to the end of December of that same year. It could be right now. So whenever you’re reading this blog, or August of 2023, or end of July 2023 to end of July 2024, for example.

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So now we’re going to talk about The Exact Formula To Hit Six Figures And The 9 Reasons As To Why It Doesn’t Happen For Most Entrepreneurs. So what goes wrong?

And just so you know, in the Mastermind, that’s the work we typically do. We create the strategy for you to hit your six figures. And then, the most important work of going through the mindset of what’s occurring when the six figures don’t happen immediately, and also troubleshooting as to why the additional revenue you wish to create doesn’t happen.

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Two Important Things To Keep in Mind if You Want to Hit Six Figures in One Year

Truthfully, hitting six figures in one year, it comes down to two things. The first thing is making sure the numbers work. And when I look at wellness entrepreneurs’ offers and their business and their goals, the numbers are a bit like a puzzle, where you have the price that is the sweet spot for you, the number of clients for example that you wish to work with, whether it be one-to-one or a group program, your audience size, the maturity of your business, there’s different pieces that I look at like a puzzle where they all need to work together, so the puzzle can come together and snap and make the big picture of your business, for example, of hitting six figures in one year, if that might be your goal.

The second component that is required for you to hit six figures in one year is your mindset, because truthfully, life’s going to throw you curveballs or you’re going to have a strategy that you believe at the bottom of your heart is going to work and you implement it and it doesn’t work.

Failure is going to happen. And this is where the coaching and staying in the game, which we’re going to go over some of the reasons why you might get out of the game of hitting that six figure in one year goal, the mindset helps to keep you going, because truthfully, the only way you can fail at hitting six figures in one year is if you stop, if you get off the path.


The Formula

Okay, we’re going to go over the numbers to start with first, so the 100K a year formula. And this blog was taken from an e-mail I wrote about this, and it ended up being one of my more popular e-mails. And because you’re a reader of this blog, and I’ve been thinking about why the e-mail was so popular and the responses I got from it and the conversations that were started, I really started thinking about why entrepreneurs don’t hit six figures.

So I’ve added a couple more reasons as to why this formula might not work for you, so you can really consider what’s happening in your own business. And just as a reminder, if you want to get value packed e-mails, like these e-mails, just head over to the website, you can download any of the free resources or guides or trainings, or just subscribe there, if you head to the podcast page, there is a way where you can subscribe to receiving emails about the podcast each week, and you’ll automatically get signed up for receiving e-mails like this 100k year formula.

So here’s the formula: have a calculator available, so you can work it out with your offers, with your numbers. And this is why I recommend, if you haven’t hit six figures yet, to only have one primary offer. And I know this is so hard, I’ve been there myself with multiple offers trying to get to six figures and trying to serve all the people. But as you’ll see, if you have one offer, it makes this formula very easy.

If you have multiple offers, then the work starts to get complex. So if you break down 100K a year, that means it equates to $8333 per month. So, let’s say you offer one-to-one services, and this can be online or brick and mortar, and you offer a 12-session package or a three-month program for $2,000.

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So to hit that $8,000 per month, that’s signing, since it’s $8,300 on average, four to five clients a month. So how did I get that? Here’s the formula: 8,333 divided by 2,000, which equates to four point something clients a month, so four to five clients a month on average. So for you to figure it out, if your program is not $2,000, take $8,333 and divide it by the cost of that program. The number on the other end is the amount of clients or number of clients you need to sign a month to hit that $8,000 a month and put it on repeat. That’s how you get to six figures. It’s as simple as that.

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How To Get The Specific Number of Clients You Need Per Month

Okay, so you’re like, “Great, how do I get the four to five clients a month?” Here’s the blueprint: you market in-person, online, and there’s many ways to market. If you want marketing ideas, go get the Get Clients Blueprint Free Training right now.

It’s five days with a whole page of ideas on how to market in-person or online, then from your marketing, you schedule consults, then from those consults, you sign new clients, you deliver results to those clients. So then hopefully a portion, not everyone, but a portion of them renew. And as you have clients who are finishing and renewing, you’re also continuing to market, schedule more consult and signing more clients and you rinse and repeat till you hit that $8,333 a month, or you get fully booked. And then you have a new problem to solve. And you need to create a new strategy.

Really, the $100k a year is as simple as that. But let’s talk about why it’s not happening for so many entrepreneurs, because all you need to do is put that process on rinse and repeat.

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#1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

And so I hinted at that one reason why this process might not be working for you is because you have so many offers.

You have an one off offer for $150 session, and then you have a 90-minute version of that, which is maybe $275, and then you have a six-week program, you have that 12-week program, and you also have the ability to work with you for six months, or even a year or throw in a 30-minute session. On top of that, when you have all these one off offers, meaning 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and an additional onboarding session, two-hour option plus six weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks, six months, it’s very hard to keep track of how much money you’re actually bringing in, and how many clients you’re actually serving.

Because to say, “Okay, I just need four to five clients a month,” it doesn’t work that way when you have a ton of one-offs. Now, that’s not to say that one-offs you should just get rid of them completely, because I’ve worked with many clients who’ve come to me and they’ve offered one-off sessions, or maybe packages of two to three sessions to start because that’s what they felt comfortable selling in their first consultations, if you are just starting out. And your goal is to just start signing clients, that might be a perfect place to be, just get clients in the door by offering them one session at a time or maybe two Z’s or three Z’s packages to get going.

But then you want to start increasing that as your confidence increases, as testimonials start rolling, and as you start seeing your people getting results, as you start working with more people, then you probably will start realizing all the work that you can offer, all the tools that you have that you can offer to help all your people.

For example, you can help with mindset, you can help with nutrition, you can help with breath, where you can help with alignment, you can help with strengthening and flexibility and all that can’t be done in only two or three sessions. So then you start opening your mind to, “Oh, okay, yes, I could definitely fill a six-week package, or a 12-week package, and I’ll never run out of stuff to do,” especially if you have the clients goals and the client struggles.

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First and foremost, you’ll never run out of things to do in a session. So when you’re working towards this $8,333 a month number, remembering where you are in your business again, so if you’re just starting out, maybe stick with the one Z’s, two Z’s, and build to offering that three month package or program. If you’ve been in business a year or more and have worked with seven clients, maybe you need to reduce or get rid of all these extra offers that you have and only focus on that three-month package or program.

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I see three months because it’s the average, it is a very reasonable program where you have enough sessions for your clients to get a taste of all the different skills that you have to offer. They can start to see wins, they experience growth, and typically, there’s still more work to do and you feel comfortable selling that.

Whereas if  you offer six months, then it gets a little harder in terms of consultation skills, your skill set and ensuring that your clients still receiving growth and progress, then it’s a more advanced level of selling and delivering.

So three months typically on average, if you’re working towards six figure months is a nice sweet spot to shoot for. Plus, then you can charge a more significant price or a higher investment.

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#2 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

Another reason why entrepreneurs aren’t hitting those $8,333 months is because their price is so low. It’s requiring a large number of clients to sign each month.

So let’s talk about that. So let’s start with the example I gave, the $2,000 program goal of hitting $8,333 months to hit a six figure year. On average, that means signing four to five clients a month. Now, if you’ve been in business for a year or two, definitely three, then you might have the audience size of warm clients and continually getting in new clients that are colder, and then nurturing them and warming them up. So you consistently have four to five new people plus the renewals equating to four to five packages a month that you’re signing.

Now, that’s a mid-range maturity business, meaning it’s not a new business. It’s not an advanced maturity business where you’re in the multiple six figures, it’s working towards that six figure a year revenue.

Problem is, if you’re just starting out in your first year, year and a half of business, signing four to five new clients is very hard to keep up new clients, especially if you’re not having the renewals where maybe one to two of those clients are renewing, meaning continuing on another package of three months, for example. With two to three new people, it’s kind of a high volume of clients to keep up a month. If your e-mail list is maybe 100, or 200 people, or your social media following is 100 or 200 people, that’s a high volume. So the numbers don’t match up.

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You remember the puzzle I was talking about, it means you have pieces where the edges don’t match up, it’s not going to come together to create that six-figure year for you. So at that point, you have a couple options for yourself, is keep the price the same. And just work on growing your audience and nurturing that audience.

So eventually you have the audience size, and client renewal size to hit six figures. And that might happen in the first year, depends on the audience size you brought to your business when you first started your business, or eventually it’ll grow to the size where you have enough foreign people wanting to work with you consistently.

Or the other option is to raise your price. And then that lowers the number of monthly clients that you need to sign. The problem with that is, is if you’re starting out and you price yourself too high, then you might show up on the consultations like a weirdo because you’re not fully bought into that higher price, you’re not fully confident yet at that higher price. So then you end up getting a lot more no’s. And that definitely won’t get you to your $8,333 per month.

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#3 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

And this is where I see a lot of entrepreneurs, especially in their first couple years of business really struggling because either they’re priced too high, and they’re getting a lot of no’s, so then they bring in multiple offers, and they’re trying to juggle these multiple offers or they’re really hustling and scrambling, trying to get the number of clients required to hit those $8,333 per month. Meaning, they’re forcing their business to grow or perform too quickly, instead of just taking it day by day, and allowing their business to grow organically.

So what does that look like? It means just following that process of marketing, scheduling new client, scheduling consults, signing clients, delivering to those clients, renewing the client, scheduling more consults, rinse, rinsing and repeating that process and maybe one year you hit $40,000 in one year.

And then the next year, maybe you hit 60,000, or maybe that second year you hit $100,000. But you keep going and when you keep going, it’s not just repeating the same thing in terms of your marketing and your consultation. You’re evaluating your marketing, you’re always looking at your marketing being like, “Oh, where can I improve the message? How can it be more compelling? How can I schedule more consultations off the message, are people engaging with the message?”

Your consultations, you’re always improving those, noticing where you can refine, improving your conversion, maybe you start off at a 10% conversion, meaning one out of 10 consultations, you get a yes. And then you improve it to 20 and 30%. If you just stick with that process, eventually, you will hit six figures.

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#4 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

However, what happens, a lot of people get stuck in having their puzzle pieces a lineup where the number of clients that they have to enroll in one month does not match up with their pricing and their audience size. So they kind of give up or they bring in too many offers, which just adds a layer of complexity to the business that’s hard to manage, which leads to exhaustion, frustration and burnout. And I don’t want that for you.

So if you’re starting to experience that, then just take a look at your numbers, take a look at your confidence in your pricing. Again, get into the Awakened Mastermind, this is exactly what we work on, is making sure your puzzle pieces are in alignment, and you’re in full confidence of your pricing. So you can get more yeses and work towards that 100K a year.

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#5 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

Okay, let’s talk about where else this rinse and repeat process is falling apart. So another reason why I see entrepreneurs not hitting the six figures is they start implementing that rinse and repeat, repeat process of marketing, scheduling consults, signing new clients, etc, etc, is they get distracted or bored from this rinse and repeat process.

And that might look like different things, meaning, their marketing, whether that’d be on social media or networking events, and they’re not getting the engagement that they would like or the number of consultations that they like and instead of looking at the marketing and say, “Okay, where can I refine the message? If I’m going to network events, where may the conversation get derailed from really connecting with someone or maybe where am I to grasp be or trying to force or manipulate someone to sign up for a consultation too quickly instead of developing and nurturing a relationship.”

Because you have a human brain and it’s uncomfortable to go through that process. It’s very tedious and meticulous. Instead, you kind of get distracted and bored. So then maybe you bring in a new offer, or you abandon whatever marketing you were doing, and you try to start over marketing in a new way, meaning maybe you abandon social media, or you abandon networking events. And now you’re going to start doing workshops, or now you’re going to start doing retreats. And so you have to start from the ground up with this new modality.

So here, of course, you can do that. But now you’re going to go through the discomfort of having to start over, which again, if you’re recreating a whole new wheel, that can be exhausting and frustrating, because you’re not going to see results sometimes right off the bat. And that can lead to burnout and frustration as well.

So you have an option here, yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable because you might feel distracted or bored. You might not want to do the tedious work of evaluating, assessing, trying something new, evaluating, assessing again, just refining. But you can choose that discomfort versus starting completely over in your marketing journey, which I recommend, versus recreating a new marketing wheel, and abandoning everything that you are currently doing.

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#6 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

Which brings me to another reason why entrepreneurs get stuck in this six-figure journey is that they’re not getting consultations fast enough. So they stop marketing completely instead of just tweaking and refining the message in the copy or the words being said in a networking event or the call to action or the process to consultations. There are so many areas that you can assess and evaluate in terms of getting the ideal number of consultations that you want a month.

And remember, if you’re also refining your consultations, it’s not about getting more consultations, because if you’re improving your conversions, then you can actually sign more clients without having to do more consultations.

But the problem is people don’t get enough consultations fast enough or they’re not getting enough yes. It’s not fast enough so they abandon the whole process completely. Maybe they stop marketing. And they say, “Oh, it must be my niche or my offer.” So then they also abandon their niche and their offer and create a whole new offer, maybe start in a whole new niche or change the pricing.

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And again, from changing any of those, the niche, the offer, the pricing, the type of marketing that you’re doing, you have to start over completely from scratch, which takes a lot of energy, versus just examining and refining copy and look at what starting to get engagement, what is actually starting to work, it’s a very different question.

Instead of just saying nothing’s working, throwing your hands up in the air, but actually examining what is currently working, “Where can I do more of that?” And maybe, “Where can I refine? What are some subtle things I can change in my copy,” like making a more clear call to action, or actually just making a call to action in the first place. Or on a consultation, what are the subtle changes you can start making? Are you showing up grassy and convincing or beyond your consultations, you didn’t have a structure or a flow and you were winging it too much, or you didn’t prepare adequate for consultations.

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There’s so many areas to refine in your marketing and on your consultations before you need to abandon everything. And again, there might be times in your business where you do want to change your offer, or you do want to change your niche or you’re ready to raise your prices, there are certain times, but it’s very different to plan one of those out as a strategic decision in your business. And you are actually working towards that.

It was in your three-year plan, it was in your six-month plan. And now you know, “Okay, I’m going to add in this additional offer, or I’m going to start to pivot my niche because it was in my big picture plan to pivot this way,”versus having knee jerk spontaneous decision to add in another offer or switch your audience or switch your niche because you weren’t getting enough consults, or because you’re getting a lot of no’s on consults.

Trust me, the reason why you’re not getting convinced, the reason why you’re getting no’s on consultation, it has nothing to do with your niche, or the pricing of your offer or any of the details about your offer. It all comes down to the message and your marketing and how you’re showing up on your consultations. And if you just look at both of those and examine what is working, do more of that and look at what’s not working and where you could possibly start doing things different, your business will become so much simpler and less energy taxing.

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And I say all this with love. Because I’ve been there, I’ve been there where I’ve had multiple offers. I’ve been there where I’ve switched my niche, so many times I’ve abandoned offers, I’ve abandoned marketing plans and started over and started over here started over there. And it was so tiring. And I wasn’t seeing the results that I really truly wanted. And it’s really when I dialed in on my one offer, and just really refined my marketing and I continue to refine my marketing and refine my consultations, then I started seeing results, I started seeing that popcorn effect where it would be crickets and quiet and nothing just like when you put a popcorn bag into the microwave and the first minute and nothing happens and then you start hearing pop, and then it starts happening faster and faster and faster. I’ll tell you it has happened multiple times for me now in both my brick and mortar business and my online coaching business. So stick.

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#7 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

Okay, another area where entrepreneurs are falling off in their six-figure journey is forgetting to offer your current client renewals. Especially if you’re doing the one Z, two Zs, three Zs, little mini programs. Well, we’ll call them, and you’re getting the client to that third session and you’re forgetting to offer. “Oh, do you want to work together for another round of three sessions?” It’s so simple and it’s so easy. In fact, most of your clients probably do want to work with you more, especially if you’re offering those mini programs and they’re starting to see results or even if you have a longer program.

I remember I worked with one of my practitioners and she had a year-long program and I really loved it. And I thought, “Oh, the year is over, I’ll just sign up for another year and keep going. It’s already in my budget, I’m seeing results, why not continue on,” and the year program ended. And I think she thought she had to create a whole other new year, and like, a whole other new program that was a year-long or whatever. She didn’t offer a renewal at all. And it we pretty much just ended and it was a little awkward. And I was even questioning, “Okay, does she want to continue working with me?” So I didn’t even bring up the fact that I wanted to continue working.

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And so we just stopped working together. And she could have had an easy client right there. I was ready to renew, it was already in my budget. I had been paying for it for one year.

So really notice, are you offering client renewals? If you’re doing one Z, two Zs or three Zs, you can offer it just at the end of that third session, for example, just be like, “Would you like to go for another round of three, here’s what we would work on, here’s the growth where I see your potential is and you haven’t hit it yet. This is exactly what we’ll work on,” and just offer it and schedule that next appointment, don’t let them wander off and say, “Just reach out to me when you’re ready,” because it’s so hard to chase people down at that point, again, another energy leak where if you already have the next session of the new package scheduled, they’re going to show up, they can do payment via link prior to that next session or right if you’re in person, right at the start of that new package.

And yes, of course, some people might say yes, I want to do another round and schedule that session and then fall off and not make it or cancel, it does happen. But more likely than not, more clients than not will want to if they schedule that session will carry on with you. Or if they fall off, they’ll eventually come back for more. I do believe if you’re offering longer than the mini sessions like six weeks, eight weeks, three months, six-month program, giving them ample time to think about the renewal process.

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So you’re always planting the seeds that there’s more and being clear and specific as to what the more looks like for these clients specifically, what growth will they see, how will impact their life, and so don’t wait to the last session, if it’s a bigger investment, give them a couple of weeks.

I give my clients, we’re on a six-month program, so I give my clients, my one-to-one clients in the Mastermind, I will start the process of renewal at least one month prior to their package ending so they have time to think about it, they have time to review their wins, they have time to review the goals that they might want to hit in their next session, they have time to think about it, strategy, sit into their budget, we have time to schedule a consultation, call it. I offer a second consultation call, because think about it for yourself if you have a client who is on the fence, and even if it’s a six-week program, or an eight-week program that’s maybe $900, or that’s a half hour, maybe 45 minutes of your time for a renewal consultation, to have another client go another round, which could be another $1000, $2,000, totally worth it in my mind.

So I offer an additional consultation so it doesn’t take up the session, trying to strategize the yes, the reasons why they might sign up and the reasons why they might not sign up. I don’t want them to use one of their sessions with that. I want to continue to have them grow and progress. So I say, “Okay, if you’re on the fence, no problem, let’s just schedule a consultation at a different time, so we don’t have to take time from this session. Let’s just schedule it right now.”

So we put it in the books right then and then we carry on with the work that we were doing. So it’s all thought about ahead of time, it’s easy for them, I’m taking into account their feelings, their fears, their hesitations, and it’s not self-centered, and the client renewal process shouldn’t just be an afterthought. I’ve been in so many situations where people have not renewed or tried to get me to renew and a very graspy or huskily type way and it just doesn’t feel good. And that leads me to being more of a no than renewing even if I got benefits.

So consider your client in this renewal process and make sure you’re offering renewals for the client. Make an offer for them to carry on with another package. It’s that simple.

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#8 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

Okay, here’s a big reason where entrepreneurs fall off in their six figure journey. And that is not believing that this simple process will work for you. So meaning for some reason, maybe live through curveball, so your marketing slowed down or you’re getting a lot of no’s, are not getting the number of consultations you would like, and you start believing that this process won’t work for you. So you unconsciously kind of start and stop your marketing efforts, meaning you mark it, and then you ghost and then you mark it and you ghost and you ghost or stop marketing for maybe weeks at a time or months at a time. And you don’t realize that you’ve actually stopped marketing completely. And that’s when the process won’t work for you.

What started the movement in the wrong direction, we’ll call it is that little seed of doubt that got nestled into your mind and that you didn’t redirect your brain or you didn’t get coaching on, you just allowed that doubt to fester, which then you started taking actions because of that doubt. And those actions were actually non-actions in your business.

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So you marketed less, you didn’t tweak, you didn’t refine, you didn’t get into the discomfort of examining your consultations, examining your marketing, you started to give up on the process unconsciously, and you weren’t all in and it all started with that little niggling doubt. So you need to be onto yourself, when you’re primal brain, and it’s going to happen because you’re human, we’ve all been there. And even though if you’ve overcame doubt, once in your business, it might come back. And in fact, more than likely, it’s going to come back, you always have to be onto yourself, when you’re starting to doubt or not believe that the process will work for you, you have to get coached on it, you have to redirect your brain, you have to find that belief again in your body, and you have to keep going.


#9 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Are Not Hitting the 100K in a Year

Okay, here’s another reason why entrepreneurs, and I’ll say specifically service-based entrepreneurs who do one-to-one, why they don’t hit six figures. And that is because they are on that process of marketing, getting consults, renewals, getting yeses and renewals, but it’s not happening fast enough.

And instead of going through that process of refining the marketing, refining the consultations, they start seeing ads, or they get sucked into the hype of making money in less time by switching to an on-demand or group program without considering the amount of marketing that’s required for a program like that.

It’s a lot more marketing than marketing for one-to-one because it’s a different model, and the audience size required to fill in on demand program or a group program because usually, it’s a lower cost than one-to-one, meaning you have to have a bigger audience size than you would need for one-to-one. And they don’t take into account, the marketing required and the audience size required when they switch or leave one-to-ones thinking that they can make more money and less time and they abandon again what they were doing, what was working for one-to-ones just “not fast enough.”

So they abandon everything, they switch their offer, to a group or on-demand, and they basically have to start over. And that can be very frustrating, because now you have a lower price to offer. So you need more people, you need more marketing, and you didn’t realize that. And now you feel like you’re marketing more. And even making less money I’ve been there. It’s so frustrating. So just be onto yourself. Again, there is a time to bring in an on-demand program and a group program. Again, you want to strategize your decision.

So you want to start to plan for that month ahead, versus just spontaneously deciding, “I’m going to do a group program,” and then a couple of weeks try to launch it. You want to strategize and build that into your three-year plan, for example, and know the criteria of when the numbers that you need to hit, for example, your audience size, or when you’re ready to take on the more marketing that’s required, or your pricing or when you have enough savings in the bank, so you can pivot and change your offer without scrambling or feeling scarce.

Because now your one-to-one money isn’t coming in as consistently as before, there’s certain criteria that you want to think about when you’re switching from one-to-one to group. And again, I go over all of this, especially in one-to-one, really individualizing that three-year plan and figuring out the criteria, as well as on the Mastermind.

The beauty of that is that you’re in a room with a bunch of entrepreneurs and all of you will have slightly different offers so you can see all the different type of offers out there. And it gives you confidence to know that there’s no one right offer. And seeing those offers, being in the room with people marketing and getting consultations just like you and tweaking their copy and tweaking their message helps to give you the confidence to keep going.

So being onto yourself when you want to jump and abandon ship of your current offer just because you saw an ad about how you can make money in less time with a group or an on demand program, you want to be careful of that.


So there you have it, these are some of the main reasons why an entrepreneur might not hit six figures. So read this blog, maybe even read it more than once, share it with a friend and entrepreneur friend who may be struggling and do it reading from a place of compassion.

Pick one of these areas that really resonated with you, maybe you’re not marketing consistently, maybe you’re changing your offers, maybe your price too high and you’re not confident on consultations, maybe you have too many offers. Maybe you’re stopping and starting your marketing, maybe you’re not refining your consultations, pick one of these areas to focus on, be compassionate with yourself because every entrepreneur will fall into the trap of one or all of these at some point. I’ve done them all personally.

And it’s normal to fail. So be careful. If you’re really beating yourself up here, try to be aware of your own perfectionism because that will hold you back as well. It can cause you to freeze. No one wants to be in the position where they’re showing up to their business.

And their boss, aka, you, has a whip or is just talking pretty crappy to yourself all day long. No wonder why you don’t want to show up to your business. So be honest to yourself if you’re being harsh and critical and judging yourself, remembering that we all fall, stumble into these traps at a time but the sooner you catch yourself and just get back on the path of your rinse and repeat process to six figures, the sooner you will start signing more clients and hitting six figures.

And again, if you’re really struggling, just sign-up for a free consultation call. I’ll help you figure out what’s going on and direct you to the best program to help you hit more six figures with ease because you can do it. There is no special entrepreneur skill set that people are just innately born with. Entrepreneurial is a skill set that you learn. So the more that you’re onto your brain, the more that you are aware of business strategy and the numbers, the sooner you’ll get there.

I’ll see you next week!

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