11. First Layer of Healing

In this podcast I start the Kosha series where I explain, and will go over each layer separately. You will also learn practical steps that you can implement right now to start your healing (or continue).  In this episode you will: 
-Learn what this first layer, the Anamayakosaha, is
-Understand the benefits of healing the physical, but why there is typically more
-Get motivation to start your healing or wellness program
-Feel more confident on where to begin
-Benefits of establishing a health routine
-Hear about my low back and nerve injury and what I did to help myself to heal
-How to move past a stuck space
-Find out when to challenge your body
-Why your should plan your health routine for the week and day
-A reminder to NOT GIVE UP. It’s a bit of trial and error, you have to figure out what works!
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