12. Importance Of Investing Time Now

Listen to this episode with owner of Inside Out Strength and Performance, Dr. Dave Paczkowski where you learn about how physical therapy can help you, ESPECIALLY if you want to stay active throughout your life. You will understand the:
-Importance of a consistent check in with a physical therapist or wellness professional
-How being in pain is NOT normal, and why you should doing something
-How to get independent and not rely on health care providers for your health and wellness
-Learn what it looks like to be independent and have check ins
-Why you can’t rely on yourself for everything
-How IOS and Ignite Wellness are different than. the traditional physical therapy clinics
-The importance of investing time now vs. in the future
-Trusting the process of Wellness
-How to bring into the other components of wellness beyond just fitness
-Where to start if you feel busy and overwhelmed
-Why you shouldn’t wait for the perfect moment and instead should start RIGHT NOW!

Find Dr. Dave here: https://iostrengthperformance.com or IG at:
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