17. Real Life Story of an Athlete Overcoming a Back Injury

Do you have an injury or area of discomfort in your body that is taking FOREVER to heal?? You doubt that it ever will heal? Well, listen to this episode with superstar Volleyball player Lindsey Miller. This episode is so important to hear whether you are an athlete or not. It’s vital for ANYONE overcoming an injury. WHY?? Because it’s easy to get discouraged, frustrated or even doubt your body will heal along the way. Listen to this episode to hear:  -Lindsey’s path to recovery -The ups and downs she experienced along the way -What to do when you doubt your body’s healing capabilities  -How to handle the negative self talk -Learn how to reconnect mind and body -The TRUE path of healing Looking for the next step?? Make sure to save your seat in the upcoming FREE Master Class for the Low Back. You will learn step by step how to keep your lower back strong and mobile so you can keep doing the activities you love. https://www.igniteurwellness.com/free-online-low-back-class.html Head over to Igniteurwellness.com where you can download the worksheet that corresponds with this podcast episode so you can implement what you’ve learned to make the changes you desire.

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