18. Third Layer of Healing

Do you know what makes the KEY difference in healing?? It’s the work done in this Yogic Kosha layer of healing the Manomayama Kosha. In this episode you will learn: – What exactly this layer is -How it can take your healing to the next layer -What to do you feel aches and pains come and go -Hear my low back injury story -Understand how you should experience the broad spectrum of emotions negative and positive.  -Begin to change the language you communicate with yourself – How to find gratitude even though you maybe feeling mad and/or frustrated.  -Notice your perception of your body and world.  -Finally move past a stuck spot Looking for the next step?? How To Stop Worrying About Your Back Issue For Good” When you feel less anxious you will have more time and freedom to focus on what is important in your life: your kids, activities you love, your work… Instead of the fear of your aches and/or pains draining your energy, and preventing you from enjoying life. https://www.igniteurwellness.com/free-online-low-back-class.html Free Online Master Class On Reducing Low Back And Sciatica Aches And Pains! If the aches and pains that come and go drain your energy and prevent you from doing what you love, then you MUST sign up for this Live FREE online Master Class with Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist. This class is perfect for you if you feel you’ve tried EVERYTHING without successful results .Imagine waking up feeing energized, more productive at work and more present with family at home because you aren’t worried about pain returning. Head over to Igniteurwellness.com where you can download the worksheet that corresponds with this podcast episode so you can implement what you’ve learned to make the changes you desire.

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