19. The Importance of Keeping Your GI System Healthy

Talking about your colon might not be a super fun topic to talk about, but I can tell you from personal experience it’s very important. That’s why I’m honored Dr. Kaveh from Kaiser Permanente agreed to be interviewed. The timing is especially important because I’m coming up on my two year anniversary of staying cancer free!  Listen to this episode to: -Learn specific ways to prepare for a colonoscopy -Why it’s important to prepare efficiently for the colonoscopy -The importance of receiving a colonoscopy -What MDs are actually looking for in a colonoscopy -Guidelines to help keep your colon healthy -Why the colon may relate to low back discomfort -Why it’s good to know about your family history regarding colon health -Learn what a polyp exactly is -Determine what acid reflux Is, and what you can do about it -Why early detection is HUGE! -Also Learn about genetic mutations such as Lynch syndrome and the risks

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