Take Your Wellness Business to the Next Level in 2024: Easy Tips & Tricks

Wellness Entrepreneur Navigating Business Challenges in 2024
Wellness Entrepreneur Navigating Business Challenges in 2024

Hey there, wellness entrepreneur! Welcome back and welcome to 2024. I hope you had a wonderful end of your 2023 and a wonderful beginning to 2024. And I thought this episode would be great to talk about what I’m doing and looking forward to in 2024.

I was just reflecting upon my year of 2023 and all that I hope to accomplish specifically. I’m going to get into the nuts and bolts of that in this blog. I was planning for teaching this week, the Dream to Reality Workshop, it’s only for my paying clients, and as I was preparing the slides for that, I was reflecting on my own business. And actually, one of the days off that I had during the holiday week, I took just about a couple hours to reflect and do an evaluation. It’s the process I’m going to teach in the Dream to Reality Workshop on 2023 so I can better plan for 2024.

The Problem I Faced In My Business

This blog is really the summary of what came out of that planning. And I’m thinking this will help you too, because I’ve been in phases of my business as well, where I felt like I wasn’t signing enough clients. I wasn’t making enough revenue or I didn’t feel like I had, maybe I was signing a lot of clients and I was having my biggest revenue months, but then I had a different problem. I felt like I was like running all around.

And I felt this two different ways in my business. when I had my brick and mortar that was manifesting in me teaching a lot of classes and workshops and trainings on the weekends and classes at all ends of the day. And in my coaching business.

It was really because I was having a lot of great one-to-one clients as well as my patients. But my one-to-one coaching, I do offer Slack messaging as well as I just had a lot of people I was supporting in general. And I still had to do all the back end work of my business because right now, I just have VAs that help produce graphics and now I’m training them. You’re going to be hearing more of this soon. I’m training them more in reproducible tasks for lead generation and marketing. And I have a VA that helps to edit my wellness podcast, but I do all the marketing for my podcast. And that’s it.

All the rest of the work is done by me. Oh no, that’s a lie. I have a Facebook ads manager as well, but we meet up on the calls one-to-one and she runs the ads, but together we strategize what’s happening for the ads. So I’m still very involved in that process. It’s not hands off at all, except for the actual tech in the background. So the rest of the work is done for me.

So I was feeling a little tight in my time and only also because I had shortened my work week, some where I was ending Fridays early and I was just taking more vacation with my family and I didn’t want to change that because they are my priority and always will be and in my own wellness practices as well.

And again, we’ll get into more of that in the blog, but I wanted to maintain all that. So as I was reflecting on, “Okay, how can I maintain this lovely schedule that I had in 2023?” I really love that. I love the vacation time I took. I felt it was ample time to allow me to recharge and reset and still I could give high quality work to my clients and have it be me. But at the same time, what does that look like for 2024 for me to “grow”?

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The Tendency To “Grow” And Do Better In The Wellness Industry

And now we’ll get into why I say quote unquote, because I think the tendency in a lot of industries, but especially in the wellness industry is to always do better. Maybe we’re teaching more classes or if we’re teaching the same classes, have more students in those classes, hit higher revenue minds. If we have online programs, have more students in those, help more people. If we have more one to ones, help more people and again, hit higher revenue months. We’re always pushing ourselves, which is a great skill. But at the same time, our nervous system is always getting triggered because we’re always stretching ourselves beyond where we are right now.

And sometimes and I think it’s just the nature of our society where we’re always setting these new year resolutions or new year goals. What do we want to accomplish for this year where we’re stretching big hairy audacious goals like stretching big? And I don’t think it’s needed all of the time because the truth is, is if our nervous system is triggered all the time, then that actually closes down on our creativity and our problem, so it can actually slow us down and sabotage the goals that we want to hit and reach so much.

 Creating My Own Process To Complete All The Big Goals I Was Setting and My Goal For this Year

So I naturally, a few years ago, kind of created my own process when I realized I was setting all these big goals and I was never completing them and I was feeling horrible about myself. I started lowering my expectations of my goals. Doesn’t mean that I was actually lowering my expectations. I was just making my goals more practical and reasonable and doable and I could feel them in my body so much more.

And that process has been reinforced working with my own coach this year who believes in not setting super big high goals. So as I was reflecting on 2023 and getting coached on this very process for myself, I realized that last year, I had my best year yet. 2023 was my best year yet. And I just want to repeat more of that.

I don’t need to have my revenue goal much higher. And actually, as I was coaching with my coach, I realized together with her that probably if I just kept my revenue goal the same because I know how to do that, in fact, in years of learning, I know how to do that and I can do that with more ease so I can sign more clients with more ease. I can help those clients achieve their goals with more ease. I know how to refine my schedule and continue to make that better.

So why not keep my revenue goal the same and just work on all of that because it feels amazing in my body and most likely doing that, I’ll either hit my best year yet, which is not too shabby, hit my best year that I hit last year, which is I don’t mind repeating that or most likely I will surpass it as well. So that’s what I’m doing this year.  I’m actually keeping my revenue goal the same and just working on refining things.

And I invite you and give you permission to do the same as well or even lower that. If it still feels kind of graspy or too much too stretchy, lower it. And notice how that feels in your body.

For me, as I think of doing that, I’m like, “Yeah, I have to go over all the ways that I’m sufficient and safe in my business with that particular revenue goal and all,” and I have so much appreciation and gratitude with that revenue goal that I hit last year because I was able to invest in a lot.

I invested in Masterminds, I invested in many different types of one-to-one coaching. I invested in counseling for my husband and I, things for my daughter. And I had a luxurious schedule, which I really love to work. And I got better at managing my time so I could take on more clients and best support them and still continue to improve and add things to my program.

It just made me a better practitioner, just being grounded in a very realistic number that felt doable and getting into the weeds of all that just day after day. It made me such, I think, a much better practitioner and business owner. So I invite you to do the same and I’m going to do more of that in 2024, just staying on the course.

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The Dream To Reality Workshop Overview, Some Frameworks and Courses in my Portal

And what I’m teaching my clients this week in the Dream to Reality Workshop is, “Okay, what is that realistic number? What actually does work? How do the puzzle pieces line up and what are the actual steps that they need to take?

For myself, I’m really looking at three primary areas of focus this year. Financial stability and wellness, I’ll get more into that, continuing with my balance and wellness for myself and I’ll say healthy lifestyle work-life balance, and wellness for myself, as well as continuing to grow myself concept, skills as an entrepreneur, so I am showing up as a confident entrepreneur and learning new skills like managing more contractors and VAs.

And this process will allow me to continue to edit some things in the portal. I really want to dial in on some of my unique frameworks that I’m teaching in the portal. I really did that at the end of this year. I put in how to start a podcast framework (please add hyperlink) with so much information in there with slides and a lot of links on how to get started on a podcast if you wanted to start a podcast right away. Because now that I have over 200 episodes and have been podcasting for, I think, over five years now, I have a lot of information and wins and mistakes to avoid to share with that.

So I added that lesson in as well as the Create Clients On Demand 30 Day Blitz (add hyperlink here). So my clients have a process to get fully booked faster and then move on to hitting 100K and scaling beyond.

I also added in a unique framework for my clients to know how to sign clients from their own classes and workshops or some of them are on insight timer or various platforms where they cannot self-promote. So how do you get clients from those type of places without feeling very spammy or breaking the rules of that platform? I have a specific framework and lesson in the portal for that.

I also created a testimonial story, which is based off your 100K brand and story storytelling framework. So I’ve added a lot of lessons to the portal, which then my clients can bring to calls for personalized coaching. And I want to do more of that this year. I’m combing through the portal and seeing what lessons I can rerecord in a more simplified way and add a framework or any other links that might help my clients to do that outside of sessions, so they are able to sign more clients, raise prices faster, get in demand faster.

I’m also adding a course on how to sign clients off social media. I actually just created the whole framework for that last week. So I have the framework for that. And now I just have to get into the actual recording of the lessons and figure out how to record lessons and my phone at the same time, because I am going to be getting into the weeds of doing some tactical things in reels and stories and that sort of thing, since I’ve signed a lot of clients off Instagram and Facebook myself.

So I really want to and it’s a great way for entrepreneurs who are busy or have children and find themselves with 15 to 20 minute pockets of time where they can work, but they’re not sure what to do. This bonus course in the portal will help them with that so they can just hop on social media and sign a client right from there or wake up the next morning with a consultation call based upon what they’ve booked. That’s happened to me many times before. And now I feel ready to teach that process.

I also have numerous clients that are multiple six figure earners. And I want to start getting more in the weeds with them, too, in terms of training. So I’ve been noodling with the ideas of adding more swipe files, for example, like hiring ads, contracts, onboarding processes for their team members, things like that, is to come in the future as well. 

And for me personally, I’m creating more SOPs in my business this year or Standard Operating Procedures because I plan to hire a VA who will help manage, a VA that does some social media repurposing and just helps me support my communities more, such as my Mastermind. So people are always just doing things like adding in reminder calls and Zoom links and things that are a rinse and repeat process, but actually do take some of my time. So I want to hire someone to help me with those processes.

But before I can hire someone, I need to get all of that out of my head and the process is on paper so they know exactly what to do. And so then I’ll be bringing that work for my own clients who are getting ready to hire their VAs or staff members so they can create their own SOPs. And I want to continue just getting better in my own coaching for my clients.

So I feel like this is one of my strengths that I can really pick out the block. If a client brings a problem to the call, I am able to get down to the root of that problem pretty quickly and give them both a strategic skill to work on to release that block, for example, so that they can sign more clients or bring in more revenue or carve out time in their schedule for more wellness.

I’m able to do that quite well, but I think I can do it better now that I’ve learned so much this year. So I want to continue to bring in more coaching skills for my clients. So I’m very excited about all this client work so I can help my clients. I just want to see result after result for my clients as they achieve them in their own pace and celebrate the small wins, celebrate the big wins.

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Some Reflections From My Year 2023 and More Plans For 2024

I was really reflecting on last year on all the client wins and there’s such a gamut. And I just love that in terms of financial wellness for myself. I have a plan this year. I have some money in savings and I plan to expand upon that as well as pay down some credit card debt that I have that I made consciously in terms of investing in some coaching and Masterminds that I made for myself. And I’m very happy with those purchases. 

And even though I made them a little bit more expensive for myself by putting them on my credit card and paying my credit card down slower and keeping that money in savings, it helps to create a lot of sufficiency and safety in my business. And I’m really proud of the savings that I created in my bank account. And I want to do more of that for next year because I know my taxes for this year and next year that I have to pay to the government will be a little bit more.

So I just want to continue to feel very safe and sufficient in my business and know that I can put things on my credit card and pay them off pretty quickly. I’ll have that paid off before the first half of this year. I’m pretty positive. And that just gives me so much confidence that I can make big, scary investments.

I invested in something. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision because I didn’t know it was coming. My own coach made an offer to us sporadically. Maybe that’s the word of doing a kind of a three-hour VIP day that was one-to-one. And she usually doesn’t release one-to-one sessions. And I jumped on that. I hadn’t planned for that, but I jumped on it and I’m very excited for that call and all that I can do to plan better for myself, which always has a great trickle-down effect in helping my clients. And so I made that investment on my credit card and the ability to pay that down quickly just creates such strength and trust with myself to know that I can invest in things and even though I might not plan for it.

However, that is another goal of mine this year is to plan more for expenses, but there might be some expenses that come up and I hadn’t had the timing quite worked out where I knew I was looking for a program or a coach like that, but the doors were open at a particular time. Like, let’s say, for example, I knew I was looking for a coach or a Mastermind and I thought maybe I could invest in the fall, but the doors actually opened in early summer or late spring. And so I was investing quicker than I thought.

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I always want to invest, be able to invest in a situation like that so I can learn what I need to learn to fill that gap of knowledge for myself and my business and my clients and know that I can pay it off instead of waiting, which always slows me down. So this year, I want to continue with that trend, continue strengthening that skill that I have, and I want to put more in savings so I can utilize the credit card less and less over time and just have more and more savings.

So that is my goal for this year. And I think by the end of this year, I will be there in that place as well as there’s some personal things I want to bring more home to my family as well.  I’ve been investing very heavily in my business to learn and learn and learn, which I am so grateful I did. It’s one of the reasons why I grew so fast.

But there are a few areas in my home that I want to bring a little bit more profit home, which is funny because one of them has to do with my own health and wellness. I want to invest in a concierge program for managing.  Some of you know that I had a hysterectomy in 2020 and I was not on any hormones at all, which was recommended by a bio-oncologist. But now that I’m at my year six cancer-free. Yay! So I’m a lot less risk.

And I was feeling the effects, let’s just say, of menopause a lot where it was really impacting my day-to-day because I wasn’t sleeping well at night. My body was very, very achy and sore and I was feeling like very heavy. It was really hard for me to build muscle mass. And so I was feeling, I didn’t gain a lot of weight. My weight was about the same, but I was feeling weaker and like just heavier and more sluggish because of my body composition was changing. I could actually feel it.

So I felt that it was time to research more about bio identical hormones. And so I did work with Western Medicine and I have been on a low dose estrogen patch. But now I’m ready to get more monitoring around that and bring in some progesterone. In fact, the other day I was talking to one of my clients and I just love her program. She does a lot with unconscious beliefs for people and as well as relationship counseling.

And she gave me a session so I can experience the work that she does so I can better coach her.  And I have another client, she does a lot of health coaching and stress reducing and anxiety reduction for her clients.

And I was just thinking about all these programs that I want to invest in myself and a lot of them are my clients. And I’m just like, it goes to show you I attract really, really great clients when I want to invest and buy in all their program.

So there’s some programs I do want to invest in similar to the work or maybe with my client. I have to see, I have to feel into boundaries for that for myself because I want to stay in the role of the coach, but I want to optimize my hormones more. So I feel that I’ll come high last year. My energy has never been better and I feel so much more productive in my day to day and clear and focused. And I want to just continue more of that into 2024 and see and continue to just optimize my own health.

And I think that involves doing blood draws and just getting my hormones since I don’t have ovaries anymore or a uterus, any female reproductive parts to have that monitored more as I continue to age. And so I would like to save on my personal expenses wise for the ability to do that as well as just some things for my family and for my daughter. She’s getting older and wanting to do more things, more experiences. And I want to be able to provide that for her as well.

And I think I can do that even though I’m keeping my revenue the same, I just have to be smarter about my finances and plan a little bit better in my expenses and really know where my gaps of knowledge are in my business for this year and try to predict what types of courses and memberships and one to one that I do want to invest in. Like I say, more kind of a health coaching investment.

I want to get back into one-to-one more of a life coaching type coach I want to find. I feel very good in the business. I feel set for that right now in terms of expenses.  But there are a few more things that I’m looking to do, which I do still feel that I can do at the revenue price point that I made the revenue I brought in last year. I just have to plan ahead a bit more, build more savings and pay on a credit card, which sounds very simple.

But for me, sometimes that gets really boring and I shake things up by over investing. So I just have to be onto that for myself.  But if I follow through with all of that, then I’ll be hitting those three areas of focus that I do want to achieve for this year of financial wellness in for both my personal and my business, as well as health balance, having that work life balance, as well as healthy, healthy living balance and being having the time to do that.

So having ample time off enough vacations of this year. I want to make sure that I continue with that. I love the schedule. Continue with that, making sure that I do keep my wellness practices, which I was really good about last year. So I want to keep doing those.

I have yoga classes I go to usually anywhere from one to three a week. I also do strengthening twice a week. One of those is going to elevate here in town, which is a lagar type method with my friend. We pretty much go every weekend and then the walks with my husband, with my friends and by myself. I want to keep all of those. They really allowed me to feel energized and replenished and nourished. I was doing something every day, even if it was rest, just rest on Fridays. 

A lot of the times I don’t do an actual workout. And that is part of my healthy living balanced routine. I allow my body to recover and I just replenish. And Friday afternoons are my fun adventure day with daughter, which sometimes is just going to Trader Joe’s. That’s our adventure. But she just loves that store, probably because of all the treats she gets. But I try to monitor that as well.

And then the third area is just growing in both my entrepreneur and practitioner skills. And I feel very complete with those and the specific strategies I have in place do support those. And it feels really realistic and doable with space, space to breathe, space to explore. 

And most importantly, for me, one of the things that I really love about entrepreneurship is the space to be creative, to try things and try them in reels and messed up and not and have some reels, for example, fall flat or have some podcast episodes fall flat and not do well because I am experimenting and trying.

But because I don’t have super crazy goals, it’s okay.  Like I have buffer space to explore and be myself and be authentic and try to create things based upon what comes out of me and ideas I have instead of forcing myself to try to do something a certain particular way, just to hit a certain particular number goal. That just doesn’t work for me.

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So hopefully this blog gives you some freedom and permission to do it your way. If your way is to shoot for the big goals and that feels spacious and regulating to you, do that, go for that, shoot for the moon. If you’re more like me and it feels better to kind of, I guess, pick more practical or realistic goals or repeating a goal or even lowering your number goal and that feels spacious and doable and calm and grounding, then do that. You do you. You have permission to do it your way.

And hopefully this blog gives you some ideas of focus as well on knowing how to manage your money,  manage your finances, manage your own wellness and time because you really do have time to do it all.  If I can do it last year, I can for sure do it again.  And knowing that I can for sure do it again also tells me that I have a sustainable business with room to grow. And that is exactly what I want, what you want.

So if I can do it, you can do it too. Again, if you do want my help with this process, this is exactly what I teach my clients, then just use the link to book your consultation call and you can learn a bit more.

So happy, happy 2024. Wishing you much abundance for this year! In fact, that is my word of the year. I feel it in my body. It’s just rating all around abundance of health, abundance of love, abundance of joy and, yes, abundance of finances, abundance of clients, just abundance. And I feel now that I have the capacity and the skills to handle all that abundance. And I want you to as well.

Okay! Happy, happy 2024!

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