21. Staying Well Through the Holidays

Have you ever found yourself being so overwhelmed and busy through the holiday that when it ends you feel exhausted and drained? Listen to Melaine Connell, PT and owner of Remedy Physical Therapy and her advice on how to stay well through the holidays and more with the Four Pillars of Health. In this episode you will learn:  -How to move past a stuck and pain cycle -Why Wellness is a journey not a destination -Understand how all the life  pieces fit together -Learning how to take responsibility for your health -Realizing your expectations for happiness -Discover the other components of life that can effect healing such as sleep, mindset.  -How to start making small changes to lead to a bigger change and give you more control, even if you don’t know the root cause of your injury or discomfort. -Get the courage to pick your word of the year for 2020 -Why you shouldn’t compare your health and wellness to someone else’s.  -Finding success each day for more fun and joy -Why you shouldn’t give up if you haven’t found the practitioner who has helped you yet

 Find Melaine here: website: https://remedypt.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/remedyoc/ 

Melaine’s book can be purchased here.

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