22. Fourth Layer Of Healing

This is a special and perfect episode to end 2019 and lead you into 2020. Ever wonder why you make the decisions you do? Or, do you even have a hard time make decisions and/or trusting yourself. Well, this episode is for you. In this episode you will learn: -Learn how to listen your body’s inner wisdom -How to better trust your body and trust you know what to do -Understand why you might be making decisions based out of fear of scarcity -How to make better food choices that are aligned with what your body needs -Learn what workout program is best for you -How are you working out- forcing? or listening? -Why you should actually listen to your intuition -Learn why you are making certain choices -Why slowing down is SO important -Why vacation and stillness can actually boost your business, personal life and creativity

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How To Stop Worrying About Your Back Issue For Good”

When you feel less anxious you will have more time and freedom to focus on what is important in your life: your kids, activities you love, your work… Instead of the fear of your aches and/or pains draining your energy, and preventing you from enjoying life.


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