23. How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Health

Welcome to 2020!! Start the New Year by listening to this episode to get you motivated and inspired to take action on your goals for this year, WHILE enjoying the process. Amy Clover will give you inspired insight to learn how to trust yourself to make the best health decisions for YOU. In this episode you learn: 
-Why you can’t “should” yourself into health
-How to listen to your body
-Let go of the shaming
-Understand what “true health” actually is
-When to push yourself and when to let yourself recover
-Learn to validate yourself from internal instead of external validation
– A reminder to start where you are, and let go of the comparison
-Learn about the “willingness” check
-Letting go of the perfectionist attitude and finding the shade of grey
-Track your wins
-Finding your definition of wellness
-How to set loving boundaries
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IG: stronginsideout
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When you feel less anxious you will have more time and freedom to focus on what is important in your life: your kids, activities you love, your work… Instead of the fear of your aches and/or pains draining your energy, and preventing you from enjoying life.
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