24. Real Life Story of a Yogini Marketer and Her Sciatic Issue.

 Do you need some inspiration for the start of 2020? Listen to Heather Otto’s uplifting and inspiring story of having the courage to follow her heart and making big changes in her life, while working through challenges in her body. In this episode you will learn:
-The negative consequences of continuing to “push through it” and how there can be a different way
-How Heather moved from a place of daily pain and difficulty sleeping to getting a restful night’s sleep
-Why you might be avoiding an issue in your body and not even realize it
-Why you should keep seeking out practitioners even though you are not getting the results you desire yet
-How you can learn to take care of yourself
– And why you need to do this work
-How Heather has handled set backs
-Why healing is both a physical and mental journey
-On average the amount of time Heather spends daily on self care for this particular issue
-Why turning your routine into a lifestyle can be life changing
-Learn Heather’s mindfulness hack -STOP.

A little more on Heather Otto: 
Heather has often found herself caught between two worlds – the world of high intensity circumstances and a desire for stability and peace. In fact, at 12 years old, one of Heather’s teachers said she might be the youngest person to have a heart attack! Finding the balance between her demanding corporate marketing career and personal wellness has never come easy or naturally; it’s a lifelong practice. In 2013, Heather discovered her love for yoga, and in 2018, decided she wanted to share that love with others, helping them find or restore balance just as she had. Today, in addition to teaching yoga to adults and children, Heather recently started a podcast called That’s Life! to stimulate mind, body and spiritual growth and (you guessed it!) balance.
Find Heather on her podcast “That’s Life!” on Spotify and YouTube. Follow on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thatslifethepodcast and Instagram @thatslife.thepodcast
Looking for next step??
How To Stop Worrying About Your Back Issue For Good”
When you feel less anxious you will have more time and freedom to focus on what is important in your life: your kids, activities you love, your work… Instead of the fear of your aches and/or pains draining your energy, and preventing you from enjoying life.
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