25. Why Mindset is EVERYTHING

If you are a patient, client or student of mind you’ve heard me say that stress the importance of what we think and mindset. Now hear it from someone else! Listen to this interview with Dr. Kaylee Simmerman, DPT to learn: 
-Hear a real life mindset problem and solution
-Why you shouldn’t buy into your fear of seeking help
-How you blame yourself and not even know
-Why mindset is important even with preventative measures
-Learn how to feel your emotions and work through them to assist with healing
-How to REALLY take time for yourself, even if you feel you don’t have the time
-How taking this time can speed up recovery
-Why receiving can benefit YOU and those you care about
-Learn that you are not the only one struggling 
-How to incorporate time blocking for time management
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IG: https://www.instagram.com/postpartum_physio
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