26. Finding Your Center

Life happens. Getting thrown off balance is common. How do we regain or center again? Listen to this interview with Yoga Teacher and Therapist Shauna MacKay for some very insightful and practical information on how to find your center again to continue to learn and move forward in life despite what’s happening. In this episode you will:  -Learn how the breath can return us back to center -Discover how to have a relationship with our breath -Tips to regain your wellness -How wellness is intertwined with resiliency and the nervous system -What the PolyVagal Theory is -How to get hope again -Listening to the rhythms of our nature and the body -The power of rest -How to enhance your recovery -Learn how to incorporate rest into your lifestyle -Why you might be trying to relax but what you actually feel is exhaustion For more on Shauna find her here: Website: www.shaunamackayyoga.com FB: Shauna.MacKay.56 IG: shauna_mackay Sign up for her next restorative training here: https://prana-yoga.com/teacher-training/restorative-yoga-training/ Doors are now open for the Heal Your Low Back Blueprint. The Step by Step Proven System to Harness Healing and Wellness for the Active Adult Who Wishes to Be Strong, Energized and Flexible, Without Fearing Aging. Learn more here: https://alison-mclean.mykajabi.com/pl/131259 . 

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