28. Finding Clarity

Are you seeking clarity in your life? Meet Maurice the creator of LIA, a Life Inventory Assessment tool. In this chat he will give you insight on how to find clarity, courage and faith to find clarity and answers and then create the dream. In this episode you will:

-Learning to pause to hear the answers of what’s important to you 

-How to find the courage to follow your answers 

-Know what questions to ask your self to create greater clarity and answers

 -How life maps and tools can help ease this process 

-Connecting results and the external world and what you are feeling internally

 -Gain understanding on all the different facets or categories in your life 

-Unravel the linkage between different facets in life and what you maybe feeling in their body 

-How the body can be a mirror to help find your perfect alignment 

-How making small changes over time can lead to more happiness overall 

-Why you might not be happy all of the time 

-How to suffer less and experience more 

To learn more about Maurice and even gain clarity in your life right now using these links below:  

Website: Learn More About the Life Inventory Assessment HERE Free Download Access:  

The 4 C Frame Work To Living Happy 

Connect with Maurice: maurice@illuminationexperiences.com 

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