29. Cycle Syncing

If you are female and ever felt that your mood, energy and motivation changes with your monthly cycle this episode is for you. If you are male this episode is still for you since you can learn a bit more about what happens as the female you are about moves through changes with her cycle. You will also learn how to establish a deeper connection with your body and build more wellness. Listen to this episode with physical therapist and yoga teacher Brittney Ellers to learn: 

-How to create more body awareness 

-Begin to describe the sensations you feel in your body 

-How to differentiate discomfort of growth vs. the discomfort that can lead you to injury 

-Why you want to build a wellness reserve 

-Begin to know your tipping point 

-Why lifestyle is important 

-How to find your center in times of chaos 

-If you are female, why paying attention to your cycle is important 

-Learn the common emotions and feelings during different times of the female cycle 

-Also learn why paying attention to your cycle when working out is important

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