30. Why You Might Want to Hang Out Upside Down

Have you wondering If yoga is for you? Or, maybe you’ve heard about the YogaWall, but aren’t really sure what it is? In this episode we talk about all things yoga; where to start, how to progress, and if you are a teacher why education is so so important.
Listen to this chat with Elia Nikolaev E-RYT, YTRX to learn:
-How Elia found his path through confusion and doubt in his yoga teaching capabilities
-Why The Yoga Wall is the best kept secret
-How you can decompress the low back
-How to prevent growing shorter as you age
-Why yoga is accessible to any BODY
-How yoga is more than a stretch practice 
-What to do if you feel you’ve hit a yoga plateau
-How to manage expectations of your body
-What the beginner yoga student needs to hear
-Why you should ask your yoga teacher questions
-Why there is a yoga teacher for everybody
-How to prevent boredom in your yoga practice
Learn about Elia here:
Therapeutic Vinyasa
IG: @therapeuticvinyasa
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