31. Real Life Story of a Surfer and His Low Back

Do you have something that you LOVE to do? It’s an activity you do most days of the week, and it’s what you live for? Well, meet Franklin, an avid surfer and hear his story of working with his back so he can surf (and of course practice yoga) for life. In this episode you will learn: -How you can keep moving forward even though setbacks occur -Why life doesn’t stop even if you are active and have low back pain -Why you might not want to wait to seek out help -How internet sleuthing can give you a false reality -Learn how to find your edge of activities to prevent and heal injury -The emotions Franklin had to work through while healing through multiple set backs -How he found gratitude even though he couldn’t do the activities he loves while healing -What Franklin does to get through a long healing journey Looking to get started now? Head over to Igniteurwellness.com where you can download one of the many freebies to get some info right away. This will also keep you updated on some upcoming online programs coming up- specifically a free online Core Secrets Masterclass, hip flexor challenge, workshop and more…. The Chiro group Franklin mentioned is here.

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