33. Tips to Overcome Challenges

Listen to this interview with entrepreneur Devin Ryerson, founder of Pure Prescriptions and New Greens. You will hear his story about graduating from Chiropractic school to finding a lump in his neck and being diagnosed with cancer, to overcoming and finding his passion.  

-How problems can follow you where ever you go and what to do instead 

-Alternative methods for cancer prevention 

-Why there is no magic bullet and what to do 

-The one thing to focus on that helps with so much 

-How to get out of the “over doing” 

-A reminder that every day is a reset 

-How to fit what you truly care about into your life 

-Why hustling is not the answer 

-How to keep moving forward not matter what happens 

-A book you will want to read- “Dancing with Life” and why 

-Why leaving room for spontaneity is important

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