34. Special Episode to Help You Right Now

Right now we are in the space of the unknown. Listen to this episode to learn some tips and advice on how to navigate these unchartered waters. In this episode you will learn: -How stress will effect your immunity -What to do with the unexpected -How to create alternative options and open your mind to creativity for solutions to issues popping up -Learn how to enhance your own innate healing -Why now is the time to work with your patterning of moving and thinking -How to stay grounded and focused instead of getting stuck in anxiety, and worry -How routines can help in times of chaos -What my health routine is right now -How examining your worse fears can actually help to reduce them -How developing these skills now will only help you in the future Head over to www.igniteurwellness.com right now to download one of the many freebies or schedule your free online consultation. 

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Alison McLean

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