35. How to Process Triggers to Avoid Storing Tension in Your Body

This episode is especially vulnerable since I literally share with you how my worst fears are triggered and how I move process them. This is the work I’ve been learning and applying from Stephen Porges Poly Vagal Theory, Brooke Castillo’s Life Coaching Model and more….

Learn practical tips to help you navigate through this period of the unknown and pandemic. In this episode you will:  

-What to do when you feel fear or experience scarcity mindset

-How to start observing your thoughts to create awareness of what patterns are serving you are not

-What to do to get a better nights sleep

-Why it’s important to notice triggers in your life

-Learn how to work with your thoughts to create different emotions in your life

-How recognize the choices you have in a given moment

-Why imaging worst case scenario can actually help

-What to do after you think of the worst case

-How to experience joy and contentment in a worst case scenario

-How to create the space to process emotions and notice patterns that serve you or don’t and that you need to change

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