37. Nurturing You and Your Life Patterns

There is a misconception that lab values are black and white, positive or negative, low or high and that’s it, end of story. However, Dr. Amy Chadwick ND and Endiobiogenist has the ability to read your lab values and tell the patterns and stories of your life. Why is this important? Well, often it’s the key to healing as well as living a full abundant life. Listen to this episode to learn more about this and dive deeper into: 

-How do we get out of balance?

-How to strengthen our super powers

-Why it’s important to nurture ourselves

-What is endobiogeny

-How everyone has a different response to the same diagnosis due to their own unique patterns

-How your constitution can impact how you are feeling right now

-Why it’s importance to “give notice” to what’s going on right now

-How to trust yourself more and the process

– and more….

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