39. Real Life Story of A Golfer & His Mobility

It is the details and habits that often matter when looking to make some type of change. We all have patterns and habits that serve us and make us efficient humans. However, we know that something maybe need to let go of or refined when either there is pain and/or discomfort or performance in the athletic realm is not how we desire. Today I’m honored to bring on John Fieberg and his story of why you should avoid waiting too long to unravel what habits are working and what’s not, and the benefits of investing in yourself. You might relate to his story of waiting several years before taking action. Listen to his episode to learn: 

-the benefits of taking action now

-what it’s like to work with someone vs. trying to put a plan together on their own

-How John incorporates the work into his daily routine

-How the work changed his golf game

-How all of this will effect his future

More about John: John Fieberg runs the Edward Jones office in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego. He has been with the firm for twenty two years and currently is responsible for nearly $260 million in client assets. He has been named one the best wealth managers in San Diego by San Diego magazine six times. His practice focuses on business owners, qualified retirement plans, and individuals saving for retirement. John has achieved the Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS) and Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) designations from the College for Financial Planning. He is married to Maureen and they have a sixteen year old daughter Claire. He is an avid golfer and continues to compete in the local amateur golf scene.

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