40. Energizing Breathwork

Right now I’m hearing many people are experiencing a increase of stress. Can you relate? Well, listen to Patience Hemenway’s story of stress and anxiety and how it impacted her health, and what she did following many ER visits and all tests came back normal. In this episode you will hear her inspiring story as well as: 

-How stress can impact your life

-What you can do right now, without prescription medications

-You will hear how breathing techniques has helped both Patience and her daughter personally

-Learn Patience’s “Framework Breathing” technique

-Why you should give gratitude to your back

-The benefits of smiling (even when you don’t want to)

-The benefits of creating movements in the spine while breathing

-How Breath work can influence blood pressure, and blood sugar

-How this technique can also help with back pain

Learn more about Patience Here: 

www.patienceserenitygrove.com #breatheproperlylivehappily

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