42. Caring For Moms-to-be and Moms Past Mother’s Day

If you are a mom to be, a mom or have a special mom in your life last weekend I’m sure last weekend was a special time where you celebrate mom’s. However, mom care should really be part of our day to day, especially if you are a mom-to-be.  Join this interview with Dr. Kathleen Vigo, PT owner of Painless Pregnancy, who specializes in women’s health. In this episode you will learn:
-The common issues with mom’s to be, new moms and moms going through perimenopause and beyond
-Why mom’s-to-be could possibly be at a fall risk
-Learn how Kathleen brings wellness into her life as a mom of two children
-The importance of staying active during pregnancy
-Why you should speak up if you feel something is wrong, instead of waiting
-Why you don’t have to suffer if you are pregnant and in pain
-What you can do when you are pregnant
-Understand what the Fourth Trimester is
-What to do after you have your baby
-The importance of noticing how you breathe

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