49. Pain & Your Purpose

Have you thought about starting yoga, but are hesitant because you feel you are inflexible? Or, maybe you are stuck in your practice because you have some soreness and pain in your body. Listen to this episode to discover how connecting to your purpose in life can actually help process pain in your body and have hope for the future. In this episode you will also hear my story how I overcame healing from surgeries, and so much more by finding my purpose. You will also hear how I stumbled into yoga over decades ago, even though I didn’t feel like yoga would work for me. Also learn: 
– How you can shift your focus from your pain and suffering to potential to heal and hope for the future
-Why focusing on your contribution to society can help ease your pain, and open the door to healing
-Why you should take the time to really understand what’s important to you
-Why you should read The Four Desires by Rod Stryker 
-Learn what these four desires are
-How to create a plan to find and follow your purpose
-Hear stories of how people with low back pain feel better when they are more connected to their purpose
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