50. You’ve Been Diagnosed With A Serious Issue, Now What?

Many people reach out to work with me because they’ve been recently diagnosed with a severe or serious issue and feel overwhelmed. You might have been told by Western Medicine that you can’t heal. There is no solution. 

Now what? Don’t go through this by yourself worrying that the issue will just get worse as you age. In this episode you will learn: 

-How to establish hope, and develop a program to heal

-What emotions you need to feel to process your emotions

-What to do if you are feeling a lot of anxiety and fear surrounding your diagnosis

-Learn the formula to help create health resilience and heal low back pain issue, sciatic issues, degenerative issues in the spine, autoimmune, scoliosis issues and more

-What a holistic program entails

-What to do on an off day with a lot of soreness, and/or fatigue, for example.

-How to be preventative with your health

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