9. The Compound Effect

Last episode we started the conversation on the Yogic Kosha model of healing. In the episode we will dive deeper on how to integrate the Kosha model into your own healing, or your physical therapy practice. This episode especially important if you are a healthcare provider feeling burnout, and desiring to add more wellness, and/or yoga and versatility into your practice. In this episode you can hear about Barbara’s journey from an insurance based model to more cash based physical therapy and wellness. We also get vulnerable as we talk about overcoming out fears, and keep moving forward. After listening you will also learn some practical tips to add into your wellness routine right now, including reminders of practicing gratitude and the importance of drinking water! 
Tune if you are struggling with :
-Motivation to keep learning
-Feeling burnout
-Big goals that seem overwhelming
-Don’t know the questions to ask your self to evoke full healing
-Want to give up with your healing
-Energy Levels
-Developing health routines

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