A Dose Of Hope & Happiness

In the past I used to set a goal, and then I would put on my serious face and get to work. All things enjoyable would be put on hold. Happiness could wait until this goal was met, or problem was solved. Can you relate? However, the situation we have been in as a society has been long. It’s not possible to wait for it to be over completely and for things to return to “normal” to be happy, to start enjoying life again. I find a lot of the clients and patients who have pain and stress who I work with wait as well. Wait to be happy and/or enjoy life until their sciatica completely goes away, or their neck problem is solved or until they’ve mastered calming their nervous system or calendar.

Yet, when we wait we end up never being happy because we complete that one goal, and then another goal or problem appears, and we are onto the next.

Last week was a reminder to feel happiness and hope right now. I felt a huge spark of hope for our society, our future. Did you? I received my first round of vaccination last week which also brings me a lot of hope. Hope that I will keep my patients and family safer, hope for our society that we are moving forward. I have been getting asked a lot. For this first round, symptoms have been very minimal. Yes, my arm was sore and I had fatigue. But, really just for one night. After that haven’t felt anything. I’ll let you know how round two goes. There was a lot of positive feedback from the attendees of the knee workshop from last weekend. We talked about this very issue- how to feel happiness now even if you feel your pain issue is taking over your life. If you missed no worries. It was recorded so you are interested just send me an e-mail at Alison@igniteurwellness.com I have a few options for you. 


Alison McLean

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